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From: Mete Senyol <kume1967_at_...>
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 22:16:00 -0800 (PST)

I don't know if you did see my post for the suggested
changes and some typos.

I did suggest to change the animosity to reflect the
fluff. Tzeentch vs Nurgle, Khorne vs Slaanesh.

Did use the rule once and if you are careful it does
not effect the play.

Wiil look to the rules again and post my comments


--- yar_underwood <jarreas_at_...> wrote:
> I'm going through the Chaos book, and there's a lot
> to consider. New
> units, old units, comments and suggestions have
> piled up over the
> past year. I'm going through the most receint email,
> and I'll
> probably go back and include a lot fo the units that
> I pulled earlier
> (making them optional, of course, but available).
> However, if there's something you feel strongly
> about and want to
> insure it's included, or at least brought up, now's
> the time. What
> about the Chaos book (version 5.F) should be looked
> at?
> For starters, how has animosity turned out in play?
> I haven't had a
> game in far too long so I can't judge, and I'd like
> to hear from
> folks who've used it.
> For another, how's the division of the Chaos lists
> working out? I'm
> changing the army construction slightly to allow a
> Chaos Power <->
> other Standard List composition, but what're folks'
> reaction to the
> Standard/Power/Marine lists? Can you create the
> armies you're
> accustomed to enjoy?
> These and other topics coming soon! Brought to you
> by your local
> Chaos God, your reliable source for dependibility.
> -Yar

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