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Date: Thu, 7 Apr 2005 18:00:15 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

>The ONLY time i see eldar (finesse, refinment and technology)
>fighting alongside with orks (raw, brute strength) is against
>tyranids. They are like two opposite diametrics or thought. I can
>see eldar allying with marines, tau, MABY sisters, or guard. but
>only in the sense of fighting Orks, Tyranids or CHAOS.

I agree on one level, but can come up with too many situations that invalidate the rule. The Eldar would probably ally with Orks against Tyranids, and I'm pretty sure they'd accept the help against a Chaos Black Crusade, a Necron incursion to a Craftworld or a Squat force bent on invading an Exodite homeworld. Similarly, an Eldar mercenary force could be hired by a Squat force that's facing an Imperial cleansing, or find it beneficial to defend a set of ancient ruins alongside an Ork army.

I suppose we could come up with a series of IF...THEN...ELSE rules, but that gets complex and situation-dependent. I'd prefer to eliminate Chaos as an ally based on the ancient Eldar-Slaanesh fluff and leave it at that.

In general I'll agree that armies should be fluffy, but there should be a 'reasonable player' assumption. A Tau-Chaos alliance doesn't make much sense either, but if I faced someone who wanted to field one I'd look at his choice of units before saying I wouldn't play.

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