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>I've seen most
>units have their fluff text reduced (in most cases due to repetition of
>ability explanation) although, IMHO, maybe some fluff seem to be summarized
>a bit too much in one statement.

I tend to cut away what I feel is unnecessary verbage, perhaps (well ok, apparently) too much so. I'll try (again) to lessen that, and perhaps in a later version the next editor'll put more fluff back in. Finally, what happened with the Exarchs is not my fault - that rule was never in version 3 or 4 and I'm not anal enough (quite) to read all the army cards just to see if there happen to be extra rules there.

>> 2) Is the special rule Defensive Aerial Fire accpetible?
>Yes. But Still needs playtesting.

Should I make it optional?

>> 3) Zutiks are soft & flabby? What's the opinion on this rule?
>It is balanced by their cavalry and the fact that it is a fast force.

IMO that should be balanced by other army construction rules. As it is, the Squats will lose if the opponent sits back and merely contests objectives.

>> 4) I combined the Hellworm and the Land Train into one set of rules, as
>> well as a unified list of battlecars. Reactions?
>Already commented.

Yes, with the statement that you hadn't read the rules yet. Have you found the part about open/closed battlecars that you couldn't find earlier?

>- Commercial world clans cannot ally orks, Chaos and Tyranids.

Why not Chaos? As with the arguement about Eldar and Orks, I can conceive of situations where a Squat commander is forced to not immediately destroy a Chaos force, due to the presence of a mutual enemy. Either that or the Squat commander attempted a "Let's you and him fight - I'll wait over here" situation and got drawn into the situation anyway. Then there's "I'm running Chaos Squats - what do you mean I can't ally with Chaos?"

How about the following:
1) Allies: Commercial Worlds may put up to 25% of their points into any one Standard List other than Orks. In addition they may purchase one Imperial Guard company (Adeptus Militaris book) with appropriate Support & Special cards, without it counting as allies.
2) You Owe Us! When defending their home planet, Commercial World Squats may call allies from any Standard List except Chaos, and can put up to 50% of the total points into them. These allies will forget any animosity/incompatibility with other allies present, such is the power of Squat commercial treaties. Yes, it is possible to field Imperial titans along Eldar titans and Squat praetorians). Each allied force must be a valid army (one Company/5 Support, etc.), and are counted as Squat forces for the purpose of purchasing praetorians (below).

>I suppose the
>restriction on tyranids has been eliminated given the fact that Tyranids
>ally with noone.

I changed the "any Standard list except Tyranids" to "any standard list" because I finally realized that Tyranids aren't a standard list.

>- Tech priests have their special 4+ save for mechanic units reduced to 5+.

I cut the description from all mechanic and medic units, because the game mechanics are the same across the board. I hadn't noticed that Squats are better mechanics than anyone else, but it makes sense. Changed.

>- Zutik ratling snipers have their text cut & pasted directly from the
>imperial book. They do not inhabit imperial worlds. Substitute first line


>- Ram attacks against infantry, cavalry and walkers now ignore fixed saves.

Where did this come from? I don't think it's such a good idea to ignore fixed saves for the Ram, unless we do it for all tunnelers.

>It seems also that Ram has lost a bit of punch against Gargants, scoring
now only one hit, instead of 1d6 if winning CC. While for most titans it is

Good point. Changed.

>- I like new rewording of Zutik Bombers

Thank you.

>- Ork typo in Goliath mega-cannon: 'ignorez Cover'


>- Observation baloons have their hard to hit save reduced from -2 to -1.
>Maybe reducing their cost to 75 could balance this.

Forward Observers that can see the entire board on turn one? Four of 'em for 100 points and a Support Card as opposed to one ground-based FO for 100 points? IMO they're just fine.

>- There's a typo on the leviathan card that allows to fire a d-day cannon
>with 360� fire arc, something that would had really amazed the enemy...


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