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From: Jarreas Underwood <jarreas_at_...>
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 13:56:26 -0400 (GMT-04:00)

I compared the Storm Seeker stats to the other Superheavies, and added 4 dice of range-25, 5+ at -1 TSM guns. Since it has no main gun it's balanced by being the only superheavy with a holo-field.

Proposed description:

Storm Serpent: This grav-tank epitomizes the "lightning" art of war of the eldar, as it can create a stable warp gate allowing Eldar units quick access to critical spots on the battlefield, and the ability to escape if the tactical situation so demands. Unlike other Eldar superheavy vehicles, the Storm Serpend mounts a Holo-field.

Wraithgate: Unless on Charge Orders, when the Storm Serpent is activated in the Combat Phase it can project a Wraithgate within line of sight and 75 cm. Place a counter to mark the location of the gate. In any following Movement Phase, Eldar infantry, cavalry and walker-class units may enter either the Wraithgate or the Storm Serpent by paying the normal 5 cm to enter a transport. Remove the units from the board, and give them their orders for next turn. In the next Compulsory Movement Phase scatter them 2D6 cm from the opposite end of the gate. If the Storm Serpent is destroyed while units are ‘in transit’ they are lost in the warp and destroyed.

My analysis:
Deploy as far forward as you can (typicaly 80 cm to the enemy deploymant zone). Turn 1 Advance 20 cm and create the gate at 75 cm (15 cm into opponent's deployment zone). Turn 2 the SS moves backwards and local units enter the Storm Serpent. Turn 3 allows the enemy to react to the gate, and the transported units appear and start wrecking havoc. Quite possibly getting charged first as the enemy knows what's coming and where.

My opinion: Nifty effect and useful in certain situations, but most certainly not overpowering compared to an Aspect Warrior squad mounted on Wave Serpents (at the same cost). In fact this combo is faster, as the Aspect Warriors can be in your ranks on Charge Orders on Turn 2. A one turn delay and risk of losing everything in exchange for transporting multiple units at once. Fair enough.


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