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From: William L. Raper <drklrd_at_...>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 06:25:37 -0500

In the rules there are listsings for character models and a point cost for a
charcter stand (i. e. medic, libranrians, chaplains, ect). Has amy one
thought of using a plus point value to upgrade an exhisting stand in
adetachmnet . So if you had a 4 stand terminator detachment you could add a
librarian to one of the stands for X pts and add a tech marine to one of the
stands for X pts, then the detachment would consist of 4 stands at normal
cost plus 2X (there I finally got to use some of that calculus I learned in

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>quester wrote:
>> have fun with it
>> Q...
>mmhh, 790k for a bitmab with a tank and a fire arc?
>Maybe better use e-group web space for these kind of things
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