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From: Joshua W Raup <deaconblue3_at_...>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 20:51:26 -0500

Irregardless of the arguments between army lists versus cards, I'd like
to enter in a "fluff" argument, both in favor and against both. 1. the
imperial armed forces operate on a very structured basis. As such, they
use standardized force groupings, and larger scale units. this is
adequately represented in the army cards. Though instances occur where
such units arebroken up and reformed into a different configuration, this
is the exception, and should be done sparingly. Also, wasn't there an
army card generator, either on the NetEpic site, or in an issue of
Incoming? I have a copy of it, so I was wondering if it is still
available. 2. Even other races use a standardized unit format. Though
the over all organizations may be less rigid than the Imperial model,
they still do operate under a specific doctrine of warfare. This is also
represented in teh army cards. In some cases (particularly Eldar, Chaos,
and those green skinned cockroaches), the army cards may be seen as
restrictive, and not particularly suitable for the background. In the
case of Eldar and Chaos, it depends on what the army is about. A CSM
army, for example, will still retain some semblance of its prior Imperial
training, and force organization. A Chaos demon army though, would be
less like this, but would still adhere to a force structure, based on
patron powers. 3. Field commanders, especially in the 41st millenium,
rarely have operational control over what forces they have at hand. This
applies to all the various races. Thus, the army cards represent
available forces, and their intrinsict organizations. 4. if the army
card generator is still out there somewhere, put it in the vault, or give
the list a URL for it. this should take some of the problems people have
with the cards per se, and make it easier for them to do what they are
looking to, with out having to modify the rules to such an extent.

Josh R.
Minister for General Mayhem
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