[NetEpic ML] Slann rules/Dark Eldar

From: Darius \ <darius.spano_at_...>
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2000 11:22:21 -0500

We are still play testing the Slann rules. Here are some of the things I bring into question.

The Kroxigors should be 200 points if there are 5 of them or 150 for 4. 5 for 150 points is a gift.

The Necron nullfify field is really strong. Every combat that takes place near a Necron unit or Necron vehicle is at -2 to CAF. There should be some kind of save roll for it because there seems to be no way from avoiding it. Units should have to make a 5+ save to fight normally in combat or shoot.

The Slann Magus is too powerful. It has 4 psychic powers a range of 75cm two of them and comes in a mech. The cost for them are 225 for a tadpole, 250 for a frog and 275 for a Bull frog. No other psyker has the range or powers of the magus. It can also help other mechs warp jump without penalty which is a psychi power so it has 2 psychic actions per turn in addition to being able to fire in First fire phase and can't be targeted until Advance fire because of its warping ability. Those points don't reflect its true power. I would reccommend changing them to 300, 325 and 350 respectively for the cost of the Slann Magus. The Magus will tear up any enemy easily before it can be scathed.
My point costs take into account that it moves and fires as a command unit has 4 psychic powers and can use rwo of them per turn. You could make the aid to warping mech the only psychic power it could use for that turn, that is if it aided mechs inm warp jumping it couldn't use any other psychic powers that turn. Or you could reduce the max distance of 75cm to 50cm, the Magus can shoot across the board at that range.

Those are my concerns about the Slann.

We did play the dark Eldar. Dark Eldar vs. Slann. The army looks good but the point costs were too high and the troops needed some reworking and the Slann may not have been the best army to playtest against but we were killing 2 birds with 1 stone. So I got a copy of the Dark Eldar codex and started to rework the troops. Added more units, changed the company cards, added some rules from 40k and am quite pleased with the progess. It will be done in the next few days where up will upload the new version and zip file it if I can and put it in the vault.

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