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From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 10:38:09 +0100


saturday afternoon I played my first heresy game with some friends, it was
an orks/squats contest. I tried to use every particular units and skills to
see the system in its full.
The most important think I found were:

Light vehicules: I found that they are very difficult to take out with
their -2 accuracy modifier, and in our test they were decisive. In
particular the squats bikes with heavy bolter confronted against the poor
orks caused great havoc, and their cost is the same of an oks bike with
bolter and no skills!Concerning their -2 to hit modifier I think that it
should not penalize a shooter if the light vehicule is on prepared fire.

Stealth skill: the rules stated the a leader add his leadership to the roll,
what I don't understand is if I should add the full leadeship value or only
his leadeship modifier.
I the first case this make the leaders invulnerable; the problem increase
seeing that the eldar warlocks add also their magic level.
About the orcks list, is a mekaniak stealth capable?
I don' tunderstand why a commissar has a 9 leadeship value, while the best
marines officier has only 7? This make the IG better then most armies and
this is incredible.

AA: the rules stated that infantries can shoot in AA mode if within 25 cm.
from the strike point if they pass a -2 leadership test. In my test a
thunderers detach. was in this condition, but also within 35 cm from a
warlord (leadership 7 = +2 leadership bonus), this permitted them to test on
a 6 leadership and in the case of unsuccess they could reroll for their
stubborn skill.
This caused that a full fighta bomba squadron was shoot down. IMHO I think
that the leadership bonus shouldn't be applyed and also the skills with the
exception of fast attack skill (somethink similar), otherwise stubborn is
better and some armies are too good.


Stefano Andreoni
Received on Mon Feb 07 2000 - 09:38:09 UTC

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