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This is for all you die hard imperial guard fans out there. To add some
colour to the armies of man kind, I've introduced some rules for
Mordian Iron Guard, Tallarn Desert Raiders, Valhallan Ice Warriors etc.
to my local gaming group. Hope you'll find them interesting.


The most powerful fighting formations of the Cadian forces are called
shock troops. They are chosen from the fastest moving and hardest
fighting of the Cadians. As all Cadians must train in the defence
forces, all the best fighters are quickly identified and inducted for
further training. When Chaos raiders are discovered the shock troops
are sent to hunt them down, and only if the force is particularly large
or well equipped will the Cadians send for help. Even the Space Marines
that have come to destroy especially large Chaos forces have found the
Cadians impressive and powerful allies.

Cadian shock troops add 1 to their CAF and have an armor save of 6+

The Jungle Fighters are one of the most famous regiments in the whole
of the imperium, hailing from the death world of Catachan few can equal
their steel nerves and animalistic savergery. The regimental uniform of
Catachan comprimises of combat trousers, a green vest and the famous
red bandannas, this barely passes for uniform and is also worn by the
civilians of Catachan.They wear this clothing because it is ideally
suited to every-day use in the jungles of Catachan. The Catachans are
constantly fighting for their lives due to the dangerous animals that
inhabit the jungles, some of the more deadlier one are the Catachan
devils, Face-eaters and the Brain-leaves. Because of this, Infants are
tought to shoot before the can walk and only the best ever make

The Catchan Jungle fighters roll 3 dice in close combat when fighting
in woods. The Catachans, used to fighting in a jungle environment,
prefer to move on foot and do not use transports. However, they may
infiltrate after initial deployment up to their full charge move before
the battle begins.

The Mordian Iron Guard stands between order and anarchy. They are the
champions of the Tetrarchy of Mordian, uniformed in bright colours and
fiercely loyal to their cause. Their enemies are all those who would
divert the scant resources of Mordian or threaten its continued
existence. They fight a constant battle against the criminal warlords
of, the undercity, insane gangs of cannibals and misguided
rabblerousers who would sooner see universal destruction than endure
the sacrifice necessary for the survival of the world.
The Iron Guard are ruthless in pursuit of their enemies. Their
discipline is legendary and their training is as rigorous as possible.
All who fight in the Iron Guard understand full well the horror that
would engulf their world if they were to fail in their duty. Their
loyalty and determination is all that keeps Mordian from plague,
starvation and savagery.

Mordian Iron Guard detachments have a moral of 2.


Though the planet of Valhalla is no longer a populous or affluent
world, the Valhallans are famous throughout the galaxy. After
destroying the Orks on their own world, regiments of Valhallans joined
with other Imperial Guard to rid many worlds of the Ork invaders.
Always the Valhallans fight with the same grim determination they
displayed in the ice cities of their home world. In battle their
courage and -tenacity earn them the respect of other regiments from all
over the Imperium.

The ice warriors use skis to move when on snowy and icy surfaces,
giving them double movement under such conditions. Due to the intense
hatred of Orks, any ice warrior stand fighting in close combat with
Orks can re-roll any close combat dice that roll a 1. This re-roll may
only be taken once. You are not allowed to re-roll any re-rolls. They
have a moral of 3+ when fighting orks.
The world of Tallarn was once a fertile planet bathed in the gentle
orange light of its twin suns. Oceans, plains and lush jungles covered
its surface, and its people prospered. The world was a virtual
paradise. All of this ended during the Horus Heresy. Within a thousand
years of the Horus Heresy, Tallarn evolved into a very different world
from the prosperous planet of former times. Deserts of sulphurous sand
stretched from pole to pole and all water disappeared except for a thin
residue in the atmosphere. No vegetation remained on the surface
exposed to the blistering, wind-blown sands. All that grew was the
carefully husbanded crops of the Tallarn themselves, sheltered in their
protective horticultural domes.

With skill and cunning, the Tallarn conduct lightning raids on their
opponents. Choosing their targets carefully the Tallarn launched one
attack after another, always retreating before the enemy can turn to
meet their fire.

This guard regiment conducts shooting in a different way to most
troops. If a stand has advance orders it may fire during the movement
phase. When they are moving, then shots can be worked out at any point
during movement. Simply stop the stand, fire and then move the rest of
the way.


Shock troops 10 cm 6+ +1 Lasguns 50 cm 1 5+ 0

Jungle Fighters 10 cm None +2 Lasguns 50 cm 1 5+ 0 Rolls 3 dice in cc
in woods, infiltrate.

Iron Guard 10 cm None 0 Lasguns 50 cm 1 5+ 0 Moral 2+

Ice Warriors 10 cm None 0 Lasguns 50 cm 1 5+ 0
Reroll 1 in CC moral 3+, vs orks

Desert Raiders 10cm None 0 Lasguns 50 cm 1 5+ 0 Special firing

Company Cards
Name Contents Break Point Morale Victory Points Cost
Shock troops 3 Platoons (10 Tactical stands per platoon)
1 Company HQ (2 HQ stands, Rhino) 17 4 7 700

Jungle fighters 3 Platoons (10 Tactical stands per platoon)
1 Company HQ (2 HQ stands, Rhino) 17 4 7 700

Iron Guard 3 Platoons (10 Tactical stands per platoon)
1 Company HQ (2 HQ stands, Rhino) 17 2 7 700

Ice Warriors 3 Platoons (10 Tactical stands per platoon)
1 Company HQ (2 HQ stands, Rhino) 17 4(3) 7 700

Desert Raiders 3 Platoons (10 Tactical stands per platoon)
1 Company HQ (2 HQ stands, Rhino) 17 4 8 750

Shock troops 10 Tactical stands 5 4 3 250
Jungle Fighters 10 Tactical stands 5 4 3 250
Iron Guard 10 Tactical stands 5 2 3 250
Ice Warriors 10 Tactical stands 5 4 3 250
Desert Raiders 10 Tactical stands 5 4 3 300

Any comments?

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