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From: Karlsen Rune <Rune.Karlsen_at_...>
Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2000 11:07:15 +0100

Seeing that the Necrons have no type of magi, i wanted to make one for them.
This is not a real magi, since the necrons are in essence
computers, and...well...read the following :)

Necron Numbercruncher

This is the robotic equivalent of a Slann Magus. The CPU in the Necron
Numbercruncher is vastly superior to the usual Necron CPU's. In addition to
the usual Necron powers (Nullify field, self repair, immunity to morale),
they have the Slann Magus power to make Warp Jumps 100% secure (for Necrons
only, Numbercrunchers have warp packs as the Necron Assault troops) and
certain "psychic" powers . These powers aren't psychic per se, but are
rather a result of mathematicial and statistical analysis of the situation.
Billions of numbers are being processed every nanosecond, continually
working out the best path or action based on what is happening at all times.
Since these powers aren't really psychic, they can't be stopped or hindered
in any way by units with psychic saves or the power to alter/stop psychic
attacks/powers. The powers are very draining on the CPU, and as such only
one is usable per turn :

- Statistical Premonition : The Necron's CPU tracks and calculates the
movements of all Necrons within 10cms (including vehicles) as well as all
enemies within a 50cm radius. The Numbercruncher then informs all Necrons
within 10 cms of the best cause of action, giving them a +1CAF for the turn.

- Orders change : The Numbercruncher is constantly calculating what the
enemy is most likely to do. Thus, the Numbercruncher is able to change 1d6
orders given to 1 unit within its detachment.

- Electrical backlash: The Numbercruncher gathers up electrical energy from
all living and non-living beings (infantry, vehicles, trees etc. ) which can
be focused for an attack. This is a tremendously powerful attack, which can
overload any brain or electrical system. The backlash hits its target (which
must be within 75cms) automatically, causing the unit to make an immediate
save at -4 or be destroyed. Unshielded Praetorians/Titans suffer a hit to
the bridge/control centre at -4 to save. Shielded targets lose shields by
this powerful attack, which overloads the shield generators. The first
shield goes down automatically, the second shield gets a 6+ save, the third
a 4+ save and the 4th a 2+ save. If a shield makes its save, no further
shields can be affected (the backlash stopped). All shield types are
affected. Special rule for Holofields : Necron Numbercrunchers aren't fooled
by holoshields, since they are in essence supercomputers. Thus, Holofields
are bypassed by this power. If the Numbercruncher chooses to use this
attack, he foregoes his other attacks that turn allthough he can move. This
attack is not usable if the Numbercruncher is enganged in CC.

The Necron Numbercruncher is a special card which can only be chosen with a
Necron Company card and moves at the same time. It is a command and HQ unit,
and as such needs no orders. It costs 100 points, and adds 1 VP and 1 BP to
the Company. It can also be chosen with a protector, in which case it costs
150 points, and adds 2 VP's and 1 BP to the Company.

Move 10cm (special if using warp pack), save 6+ fixed, CAF +4, Conversion
2 attacks, 50cms, 4+, -1d3 save. Nullify field, no morale, self-repair,
special powers.

What do you think? Is it too powerful? Maybe it should cost more? I'd like
some feedback on this please.


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