[NetEpic ML] Re: R: heresy questions: replay 4

From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 12:11:04 +0100


>I agree for the limitation, but I think (only my personal opinion) that a
>range restriction, also with this limit, can better simulate that a leader
>must be associated to a unit to give some morale improvement.

>Hmm.. how about a compromise let leader give their bonus at half their
command range. >I think better commanders should be able to gove their bonus
at a greaater range than >lesser commanders. Hows that?

Good solution, I will test and report you sooner. Now we play with a 10 cm.
range limitation and seem that work. We have only lower level command (boss
and hearthguards) and for this we play infact with somethink similar to
your limit.

>Hmmm.. well like I said the ordinance phase was originally there and now
>Infact this phase could be devasting and too advantageous for artillery
>armies (IG, squats) that could fire most of their weapons before the other
>I thin this needs more thought. Tell you what why dont you playtest some of
these >ideas and get back to me with feedback before we try changing

Unfortunatelly in our recent test we used only little artilleries and I
can't test if the introduction of this new phase could be decisive or not,
but in the next future I think that we could play a bigger battle where we
could see more batteries. In our little test I saw one important thing about
BP, even if you have a goliath with 9 bp, with an accuracy of 5+ you have
that the artillery fire is not so devasting (hitting) and generally we hope
to hit the target only for suppression purpose with little caliber (mole
mortars), but I think that the real role of these ordenances should be
suppression, specially against armored vehicules then killing as modern test
Speaking again about suppression, do you think that some ordenances could
add more then one suppression counter each time they hit? I saw, that rarely
a target take 3+ suppression counters in a turn and that we take a counter
in any case if we fire with bolter or goliath, without any consideration for
caliber (BP).
For example: 10 Bp add 3 counters, 8-9 two counters, 1-7 one.
Really this could make more interesting this secondary effect.

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