[NetEpic ML] Chaos Demons and Primarchs

From: Darius \ <darius.spano_at_...>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 11:09:46 -0500

Can anyone answer why Chaos demons and primarch cost so much? The Eldar Avatar is free and gets a fixed 2+ save but no demon cards to save or use. This is the real main difference between a Chaos Greater demon and the Avatar. Has anyone thought of reducing the cost from 300 points to maybe 250 or even 200 points per Greater demon or Primarch.
Shouldn't Greater demons get a 2+Fixed save and Primarch get a 2+ fixed at 3 save. This would then make them a fair cost at their current 300 points

One last question. Are Chaos Veterans treated as scouts when they infiltrate? The rules seem vague as it states they get behind enemy lines. Does this mean they start on the enemy's side of the board or do they have only the infiltrate move of scout type units?

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