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My point exactly, if pepole would concider all the factors in a uint, being
able to control yourself, how far they shoot, exct. Then you would see that
not all units equal there points value some are way under priced. But if
they cost as much as they really would pepole would never take them, and
some armies would not have cannon fire or cheap units to throw out there to
soak up arttilary fire. That is the intend of the Avatar. You would not send
your deamon out to soak up arttiary fire for your army LOL you would send
some cheap cheesey ( insert your dispised unit) pink things, that turn into
cheesey blue things when hit. LOL
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> At 08:24 PM 2/12/00 -0500, Darius wrote:
> >I agree the Avatar is useless. Always dies to bolter fire. But he is free
> >and the demons aren't. My point is that the demons don't a get fixed
> >They only get to save with their chaos cards.
> Check out the differences more closely.
> The Avatar has a limited movement rule. Daemons don't. Daemons often
> special powers (such as the Bloodthirster's follow-up, the Lord of
> Bolt of Change, etc) while the Avatar only has its pathetic spear/sword.
> Daemons can save themselves by giving up the Chaos Cards (a guarenteed
> save) while the Avatar has to save on a 2+, which it can fail. If you
> your Daemon will probably fail, give a card and it keeps fighting.
> 'inspire' their troops. The Avatar doesn't.
> I believe that these differences make the Daemons worth their points.
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