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From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 09:25:33 +0100


> > Darius \"Dman\" Spano wrote:
> >
> > Can anyone answer why Chaos demons and primarch cost so much? The
> > Eldar Avatar is free and gets a fixed 2+ save but no demon cards to
> > save or use. This is the real main difference between a Chaos Greater
> > demon and the Avatar.
> the Avatar is useless (Just try to play at least one time Eldar and
> see), maybe could you allow my Eldar Army to take some of your greater
> demon instead...*grin*

I only agree with you for its (avatar) compulsory movement rule, but if you
read the rules you see that this guy move 30 cm. (page 4) and even if it die
for a bolter (remember the -1 to hit) he draw so much fire that save your
precious units, in particular after the second turn when it will be at
charge range. Really you can take some cheaper unit and try to constrain it
to follow you where you want, but in any case we are speaking about
something for free!
Consider a greater demon with the sole exception of magnus (remember that
for only 350 pts a squats take a leviathan for comparison), its movement
rate is only 20 cm, as a foot infantry, its "weapons" have a very short
range. In my experience, if I can, I take only plague towers, lords of
battles or warp towers because they really can do something interesting for
their cost. How many time did you see a greater demon goes in close combat?
In my experience only one time when carried in a tower, but I spent a
dreadfull evening because I knew that the tower had 700+ points value if
Consider the great unclean one, you take for 300 pts. a daemon with a
movement of 10cm.! Where do you think it goes with this limitation? Look at
heresy and you will see how this guys should be!
 Really greater demons give in sight an automatic morale check, but in the
reverse side if they die, and if you want to use them they die, all his
follows must test their morale. Concerning the cards they take I agree that
their use can change the game, not for its survival, but for the change that
they can do if used on your line units, but you can agree with me that this
is the real reason you want and must take a daemon and for 300 pts they are
too expensive.

Stefano Andreoni
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