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Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 05:04:36 -0800

Hi Andrea!

I'm pretty new to Net Epic myself, although I played Epic years ago.
I will try to answer your questions, as best as I can.

As I understand it Tunnelers can surface at any place on the table.
They are assumed to have traveled there before the game began. The
tunneler picks a place on the table and rolls a die, 1 means the
tunneler must wait untill next turn to try again. Then roll scatter to
see how far off the mark the tunneler is when it surfaces. If the
Tunneler Transport can see the Tunneler, is doesn't scatter as much.
The movement rate for tunnelers is for after it has surfaced, and is
moving on top of the ground.

Your second question about Shokk attack guns is one I pondered a couple
months ago. I'm sure one of the "Old Guard" like Peter, Ken or Birol,
could answer this better, but my understanding is this:

HIT + Other, and ARROW results mean an immediate close combat attack.
If the unit attacked by the Snotlings can be pinned by an infantry stand
(normal sized non skimmer vehicles, and other infantry), any attacks by
the Snotlings are added on to other close combats that turn.

Example: A Marine infantry stand survives a close assault against it by
one ork infantry stand. In the Advance Fire phase (with First Fire
orders), two Shokk Attack guns attack the Marine stand. The first
Snotlings roll 3d6, the second Snotlings roll 4d6.

If the unit attacked by the Shokk Attack Gun cannot be pinned by
infantry, then the attack takes place, but future close assaults do not

Example: A Superheavy tank is attacked by 2 Shokk Attack Guns in the
First Fire phase. Both close combats by the Snotlings are resolved
immediatly. The first Snotling rolls 2d6, the second rolls 2d6 also.
If the Superheavy is attacked by ork units later in the Close Combat
phase, they must start by rolling 2d6, they don't get to count the
previous Snotling attacks.

Since a turn is about a half hour to an hour long, and the Snotling
attack is of the Sudden Freaked Out variety, my gaming group decided
that the Snotlings are NOT able to pin any thing. They appear, do thier
damage, then the survivers run away.

Hey, I hope these answers are correct. Check out the NetEpic rules and
let me know if you agree. Maybe some of the "Old Guard" will give thier
input as well?

Warprat ;)

Deda wrote:
> Hi all.
> In the recent days I managed to convince my friends to try Netepic and now
> they are enthusiastic of the game (I only had to wait four years caressing
> my Squats and waiting to bring them back to the battlefield !!!)
> Reading the Net Epic rules many little questions flooded my mind, and
> there's two of them (the others will come in the future...)
> 1)I did not understand clearly how tunnelers work. I have two contrasting
> ideas, and I would like you to tell me what's right (if any)
> a) Tunnelers move normally during the movement phase but underground.
> During the movement phase they can also surface from the point where they
> are following the given rules.
> b) Tunnelers are not deployed before the battle and may surface anywhere
> on the battlefield. Once they surfaced become exactly like any other ground
> unit.
> I strongly think option a) is the right one, but I am not sure....
> 2) Orks may purchase for 100 points four Shock Attack gun stands. This allow
> them to shoot four times per turn, with some chance of detsroing auto the
> target. And that's acceptable. But is it real that if my Colossus is
> attacked H2H by a band of squigs it cannot do anything else during the turn
> ?
> I personally had the experience of having in the first turn of battle,
> before even shooting a bolter shot, two Overlords without chanche to shoot
> and another one destryed.
> Have I mised something in interpreting the rules, or Orks really have this
> pretty good weapon ???
> Thanks all !!
> Andrea
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