[NetEpic ML] R: General questions

From: stefano andreoni <ltremari_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 15:56:29 +0100


> 1) Can walkers enter in a building?

No IMHO, but sometime the rules state that a dreadnought should be
considered as infantry for movement (see eldar) and this is a conflict that
must be solved, Peter?
For the same reason we find that also greater demon and the avatar are
infantry class but I can't immagine how they can enter a building!

> 3) After a Hellbore is surfaced it can move up to 15cm, at the end of each
> movement every model under the big template is potentially hit? (I think
> only once when it surfaces)

Only when surfacing.

> 4) IG army list composition: Hydra AA for the IG, don't you need too many
> miniatures to be usefull? I noticed that to be really usefull you need at
> least 3 detachment of them ( = 9 miniatures), maybe in the next army list
> revision there could be detachment composed of a lesser number of models.

You must specify that you use the incoming rule because othewise the stats
are different.

> 5) When i fire a barrage to pop up units I can hit only one of them or
> than one (of course if they are under the template)?

Both, but IMHO if the template doesn't hit with its center something hard I
can't immagine how this could happen because the targets could be at
different height.

> 6) Does the revision work, that started near the end of the last year,

I think that Heresy has been the answer for the changement.

See you this evening

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