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From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 16:14:44 +0100

stefano andreoni wrote:
> I played eldar for long time before the long hand of chaos took my soul,
> infact they were my first army 10+ years ago, and I know very well how eldar
> could be letal, but I still remain convinced that if you enscort him with
> jet bikes or else

Who's the mad that let you roast a bounch of Bikes to enscort the Avatar
along the battlefield??? he must have points to give away...

> you could engage similar menaces. In any case for free you
> take something that sometime could be a problem.

10+ years ago maybe you played AT or SM 1st edition, so rules where
different, if some years later you played Epic The Avatar was just a
funny miniature moving 10 cm at time roaming in the field, NetEpic gave
the Avatar 30 cm movement and it's still useless in most of cases

> Recently I played against my own eldar army with my beloved chaos, I had two
> plague towers full of trolls that run toward the eldar line, the eldar had
> two companies of tempest that since the first turn of the game mouled them,
> but my cards helped me to survive, when the avatar arrived, if until now I
> didn't fear too much the eldar fire, for the first time I feared their
> destruction and this wasn't the first case I tested.

If the Avatar can get in touch with you it's only a strategic fault
IMHO, anyway it can pin just one model in CC or throw his weapon at 15
cm, mmh a big problem indeed

> Instead you dind't answer me if you have seen any greater demons go in close
> combat, specially if your opponent are IG or Squats? Generally in a three
> turn based game they run for 60 cm.

With a "sit & fire" IG or Squat Army _nothing_ could go in CC with
anything but some Jet Bikes (at least if your opponent never fields
Hidras in which case, bye bye Bikes)

> and they aren't unable to contact
> anything; so if your tactic is a long run toward the opposite table edge,
> the only avaible IMHO, you can forget to do something interesting with them
> and your choice will be directed toward towers, lord of battles etc.
> If you have the key to show me how a bloodthirster or something similar can
> do what you think, please explain me how.

I'm sure I'm not the one that can tell you how build your Army list :o)
but the examples above are the exception, not the rule, for example with
Armies that must advance to win a game you'll see even Chaos Demons go
in CC with something (and it will be immediatly dead, not the demon
obviously) If you don't like Chaos Slowness Just try a Chaos Marine Army
or similar, but Anyway it's up to your battle style.

Lorenzo Canapicchi
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