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Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 17:09:04 +0100


> stefano andreoni wrote:
> > I played eldar for long time before the long hand of chaos took my soul,
> > infact they were my first army 10+ years ago, and I know very well how
> > could be letal, but I still remain convinced that if you enscort him
> > jet bikes or else
> Who's the mad that let you roast a bounch of Bikes to enscort the Avatar
> along the battlefield??? he must have points to give away...

The could stay 50+ cm away and lurk behind buildings etc. and still protect
your big guy.
In any case, as I state before we are confronting a 300 cost model (GD) with
something totally free and in any case if your opponent use, even a 50
points unit to do this job, you have that for nothing you have constrain him
to use points.

> 10+ years ago maybe you played AT or SM 1st edition, so rules where
> different, if some years later you played Epic The Avatar was just a
> funny miniature moving 10 cm at time roaming in the field, NetEpic gave
> the Avatar 30 cm movement and it's still useless in most of cases

The avatar appeared with the 2nd rules edition and was only there for fun
(move 15 cm.) I think, now with 30 cm. you have something that has a chance,
I don't say that in the most cases it must do something interesting,
otherwise I should be the first to ask for a changement, but you still have
something that could do sometime something and for free.
I don't know any other armies that for free receive units (exception IG
comissars) as eldar; remember that you also take a detachment (bikes I mean)
and in a point based system I don't complain why.

> > Recently I played against my own eldar army with my beloved chaos, I had
> > plague towers full of trolls that run toward the eldar line......

> If the Avatar can get in touch with you it's only a strategic fault
> IMHO, anyway it can pin just one model in CC or throw his weapon at 15
> cm, mmh a big problem indeed

In an alternative set up is very difficult to avoid it ,if my opponent
wants, and with similar fire power, I told you that there were only tempest
but they weren't alone, you could have that your opponent will destroy your
avatar engaging force and still grants it to engage yours towers. Remember
that a tower has a caf of +8 and in the case of defeat you can't use your
cards for survival.

> ^_^
> > Instead you dind't answer me if you have seen any greater demons go in
> > combat, specially if your opponent are IG or Squats? Generally in a
> > turn based game they run for 60 cm.
> With a "sit & fire" IG or Squat Army _nothing_ could go in CC with
> anything but some Jet Bikes (at least if your opponent never fields
> Hidras in which case, bye bye Bikes)

You forget yours weave serpents, yours domm divers etc. and your potentially
horde of jet bikes (650 pts for a host, another think I don't complain, but
this is the game).
With my towers I have chances to arrive in close combat because I could have
a lot of cards, but a tower move 30 cm on charge and that is the real
differentation with a GD, also against eldars you can avoid them with easy
because your movement is higher and you could stay away.

> I'm sure I'm not the one that can tell you how build your Army list :o)
> but the examples above are the exception, not the rule, for example with
> Armies that must advance to win a game you'll see even Chaos Demons go
> in CC with something (and it will be immediatly dead, not the demon
> obviously) If you don't like Chaos Slowness Just try a Chaos Marine Army
> or similar, but Anyway it's up to your battle style.

Generally I make a mix between marines and demons ect. to have flexibility
but I still remain with my opinion that if you spend 900+ points in GD you
have 3+ GD that won't see yours enemies eyes, this is mathematical with
their basic movement; you should have your chances only against assaulting
armies, but this is not my case.
Concerning chaos cards I agree with you that you can win with them without
GD, but I don't think that 300 pts. are worth for three cards.



P.S. (italian): con tutto quello che ho da fare in ufficio non so proprio
perch� mi sono invischiato in questo genere di discussione che non porta a
nulla di costruttivo, mi sembra di essere ritornato a quando ero giovane e
bisticciavo con Davide per chi ha il modello pi� grosso.......
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