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Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2000 20:39:26 -0600


  I think it would be alittle unfair if rot and other similar weapons could not effect necron BIG CHEESE rot would age and rot wires squiggs are so dumb they would still try to bite legs and mabe hit a wire or two

  I'm kinda ambivalent to this point, if they could or couldn't be affected, there are arguements either way.

  The nullify feild the way it is worded is in GW and your rules is effects all units that would inculde Titans and such, there targeting systems, on board cpu's, and the very crew that runs it. So I would say yes at this point, but would not shut sheilds down for they run on seprate grenorators, and do not depend on humans or cpu's to run them.

  Agreed, they can be affected, but the shields have to be down.

  Now that you have me wrighting rules for Exodus, I feel you are right about Necron being tracked, for in all Necron codex info I've got, there is only one skimmer and that is the destroyer.

  My overall feel is that Necron are sort of tracked, perhaps some Slann vehicles could be grav.

  As for the Slann, I would think the Exodus would use skimmers but not regular Slann They are to advanced for them and would make so kind of warping vehical.

  I'm not the best typer in the world but if you give me till the weekend, I've made a complete army list for the Slann by themself no necron units. For I've found and old rogue trader time codex for the Slann and there is no Necron in it. But there is seprate codex for Necron. I've made up a few units for the Slann to support themselves, kept the Exodus Slann and added a few units to them as I sent you before, with there own support tanks Skimmer APC's and walking tanks from the Codex.

  Please do. I could always use the help. Write up your slann rules with all the stops. Also add change the rules as you see fit keeping the points we have pointed out to be included. You have way more experience than I on how they should be. At the end i'll tack on the Necrons as a optional part.

  My address is pramos2_at_... Send the draft when its ready.

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