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From: Ian McDowall <imcdowall_at_...>
Date: Tue, 15 Feb 2000 20:28:46 +0000

Hi Guys,
sorry for the late feedback but I've just begun to read the latest
version of Heresy. Very impressive. In addition to the rules, I found
the fluff in the army lists good in terms of giving the character of the
different races.

I have a query and a suggestion concerning smoke and blind rounds. If
these are fired normally by artillery on Prepared Fire orders then they
will be placed after all movement, interspersed with the opponents
fire. As Reaction Fire takes place during movement, smoke and blind
rounds cannot interfere with it. This means that smoke screens cannot
be used effectively to cover an advance.

In practice, instead of firing a short burst at a target of opportunity,
a battery firing smoke would select a target location and fire a number
of rounds, probably firing at regular intervals to 'stoke' the smoke.

I suggest that artillery on Prepared Fire orders may choose to fire
smoke or blind rounds before or during the Movement phase. My
preference is to allow the fire during movement. In place of moving a
unit according to the normal initiative sequence, a player may fire
smoke or blind rounds (but not any other type of rounds). This allows a
player to place a screen before moving troops and making them subject to
Reaction Fire. The smoke effectively lasts longer as it starts earlier
but the player has committed the batteries to smoke and does not have
the opportunity to fire again with them later in the move.

If people object to interspersing fire in the Movement phase in this way
then consider an extra phase before movement when only smoke or blind
rounds can be fired.
Ian McDowall
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