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I hope you added only ONE point of assault factor per model in support only units with the close support skill add more than this. By your example if you only added 4 bikes within range the bonus is +4 not +12 since supporting units DO NOT add their full assault value.

If you meant 4 detachments in support or 3 vehicles each (twelve vehicles total), yes you are correct then a +12 bonus would apply.

The example is a little vague as to the numbers involved, if only two bikes engaged the squat commander and ironhammer a assault value of 11 for the squats and 10 for the two buggies the higher squat morale and table shifts would give the squat the advantage. Also, as a command unit the squat commander could use the ironhammer as a sheild, only when it goes does he goes. With these odds the orks only get 2 dice for hits since the ironhammer has an armor of 8, its very likely the orks do nothing. Now adding the extra 4 bikes you mention supporting at an extra +4 points gives the orks and extra die and does not change the situation dramatically.

So odds are as the rules should be interpreted that one unit gets destroyed with no squat casualty or at the very least with the commander alive. It would take more of the idle bikes into the fray to make the difference.

Now if you ment that 4 full detachments of 3 vehicles are in support thus giving +12 to the bonus it makes a score of 22 to 11 with the morale shifts of the commander he lands in the same bracket as the orks both get 5 dice. The odds are that 1 of the five dice will destroy the tank and then the commander goes a pretty good bet, but the two bikes are surely lost, now the squat player gets 7 VP's for eliminating the ork unit and the ork player gets 8, not much of a difference.

Also had all th bikes involved engaged the squat commander would the casualties be different, NO. The squat still gets the same 5 dice, and the ork a lot lot more, clinching the death of the two squat units, but the squats on average still kill one whole unit, the VP spread stands. There is no difference. The ork player runs all th risks in your example, if he commits to little he may not get the job done.

Also your example is with very few models involved, we both know if the squats had lets say one unit of warriorrs defending it then all the baikes would have attacked to ensure victory, you could try less, but its a gamble.

All in all they work pretty much how I envisioned it.

By the way I checked the rules and it says +1 point per unit, it should be +1 per MODEL in range and line of sight.

Thanks for the input.



I tested this case during my first test of heresy:

Close combat:

this situation occured when a detachment of two ork bikes engaged
a squat hq consisting one hearthguard stand and his ironhammer tank. The ork
player engaged them only with this detachment and put four more within 15
cm. to give support. This tactic gave him two advantages:
1) only the two ork bikes engaged will take casualities even if the total
casualities could be more then two;
2) their total assault value will be increased by +12 for the support (all
were in squat sight)
The result was that the two bikes were destroyed with the hq but the
supporting units were unarmed.
This fact gave me something to think about this rule:
1) IMHO I think that, also in some percentage, the support must take some
casualities, otherwise we could have many similar situation;
i.e. you take casuality hits against the supporting units when:
1) all your engaged units are destroyed
2) every two hits in excess to the ones necessary to kill your engaged
units, you take one hit to the support; no modifier should be applied.
2) IMHO I think that 15 cm. for support range is too great, 10 cm. should be

Stefano Andreoni



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