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This is realistic, and the rule is a good and simple one. (As all rules
should be!)

However, for the game purpose I se no point in this. You would also have to
reduce the price of every single vehicle in the game...... I'm new to this
group, and do not know if this is a big issue. But really, why change a rule
that works just fine??? I do not think our local group will use this


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> Hi!
> The first issue to resolve is how vehicles engage in close combat.
> Having heard all the previous debate I have devised the simplest means of
> showing the vehicles "difference" without too many rules.
> Simply put, when a vehicle charges it uses the printed CAF listed in the
> rules (overrun attack). When the vehicle itself is charged use the half
> the printed CAF's value (round down).
> Example:
> A landraider CAF +3 charges a IG stand and gains it's +3 bonus as listed.
> The same Land raider gets bushwacked by a IG bike later in the game thus
> he gets a +1 (half of +3 rounded down).
> Note that once the vehicle "charges" it gets its full CAF regardless who
> countercharges it, the important thing is that the vehicle came full tilt
> and charge.
> Also terrain types like woods, rubble and cities the CAF could be halved
> by default due to the difficulty of these terrain features.
> Its not "classy" but to the point and gives a reasonable difference
> between infantry and vehicles.
> Opinions?
> Peter
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