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From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 07:47:53 -0800

Hi Dan!

Well, like I posted before, I'm not crazy about changing the Close
Combat system. However, overruns DO work in other game systems.
Whether you give a bonus to Charging units, or penalize units on First
Fire/Advance, it pretty much equals out to the same thing.

My post was really just to help Peter out, by slightly adjusting his
proposal, to make it more simple and elegant. All good rules should be
simple and elegant.

Nils made a good point, however, when he suggested that every vehicle
would have to have it's points adjusted if we adopt an Overrun rule.
That to me, sounds like a recipe for trouble. But of course, if that
made Land Raiders a little cheaper...., maybe I could live with it.

I like your descriptions of First Fire/Advance/Charge, although my
opinion has always been that Charging units are not merely shooting at
close range. I've always imagined units in Close Combat as shooting,
biting, squashing, stabing, smashing, etc.... And for this reason, I
don't like the idea of vehicles being able to Close Assault into the
edge of woods/rubble.

Other Opinions?

Warprat ;)

Dan Lobb wrote:
At first, I agreed with Warprat. However, I am not sure units on first
fire would have a lower caf, as they have presumably taken cover and are
laying in ambush for whatever comes their way. I would not say the CAF
for advance orders should be lower as they are carefully picking their
way toward the enemy, moving from cover to cover, so they are slow
moving, but not unalert. Charging units are the reckless groups
that may have some beneit in hand to hand by virtue of moment (= morale
boost?), but I thought the definition of Close Assault was a shootout at
point blank range.
If I were making the rules, I would not adjust infantry CAF for these
reasons, but might give a bonus, (round up) to large vehicles attempting
to overrun infantry. Say Land Raider size and up. I don't think vehicles
should get this if charging units that are on the edge of woods or
rubble either. They could not continue at Charge rate through the
position so they can't the rounding up benefit in these cases. I do
think they should be able to charge units on the edge of the
woods/rubble, just without the rounding up bonus, proposed here.
 Dan Lobb
 (Opinionated Semi Lurker)
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