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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 02:29:56 -0800

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> Yes they drop with easy, but for 200 pts (armed) they are better them most
> heavy vehicules;they are titan, so are difficult to assault, have -1 to
> on charge, a SMALL template (that is an anachronism that must be changed,
> because I don't understand why if I hit a large target as a titan I could
> miss it for the scatter dice)etc..and at least they must absorb three hits
> to go down, can you do the same thing with a super heavy?
> Surely you will state that with only two shield they don't see the end of
> the first turn, but they will absorb a lot of fire because they are titan
> and psycologically your opponed fear titans and won't hesitate to shot at
> them every thing it has.

Yes this is an aberration (shared by the Eldar Scout Titan). Off hand? If it
rolls off the template roll again. If it hits it is assumed to be a
"glancing hit" and the Titan gets +1 to save.

If the attacker missed, rerolled, missed AGAIN that's another +1 to the
Titan save, keep piling on the bonuses if you want. But the Titans save can
NEVER be decreased below a base 1+ in this manner.

Example, Bob's Shadowsword fired it's volcano cannon at Phil's Titan. there
are no shields and the attack hits. He rolles the hit dice and it goes off
the Titan template! He rerolls again and hits. This time on a location with
a base save of 3+. Since it was a glancing hit the save is actually 2+
before applying the TSM for the volcano cannon (yes you're SOL if you get
hit with a volcano cannon). If the second roll had ALSO missed and he had
then hit the 3+ location it would save on a 1+ before applying TSM.

Voila! What do you all think? Seems to get rid of that dastardly effect and
still keep something of the "old flavor" too.

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