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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 15:16:22 +0100


> Yes this is an aberration (shared by the Eldar Scout Titan). Off hand? If
> rolls off the template roll again. If it hits it is assumed to be a
> "glancing hit" and the Titan gets +1 to save.
> If the attacker missed, rerolled, missed AGAIN that's another +1 to the
> Titan save, keep piling on the bonuses if you want. But the Titans save
> NEVER be decreased below a base 1+ in this manner.
> > Voila! What do you all think? Seems to get rid of that dastardly effect
> still keep something of the "old flavor" too.

This could be a good solution and leave intact the feeling that the location
table has.
I think it works for every weapon system except WARP MISSILE, I could be
paranoiac, but one of the reason I don't use it for titan hunt is that with
two scatter dice the probabilities to miss are too many, now if we give them
an auto location hit we have the sample equation one missile = one titan
kill, otherwise we could have a situation where the first player to shot
these missiles win. Many people think that are vortex missiles the real
problem, but we have to consider that they hit only 33% of the time and at
150 pts each they are a gamble; warp missiles have a much better killing
power because if they hit a location, they destroy; think about every
location you can hit in a titan and you see that with a damage roll of 2d6
you have a great probability to do a 6+ and in general this is the death of
the titan/pretorian, in the pretorian case the probability is lower because
you have a killking blow only if you lucky hit the bridge (I suppose that
most of the shots hit the front target), otherwise we have that every other
locations resul, only destroy the system (weapon, pad ect.), only with a 6
roll we have to check the bridge/reactor with a bonus of +1 for each points
over 6, but in any case we have that, normally the second roll has 50% to
destroy the pretorian; titans however don't have this privilege and every 6
rolled mean death.

Stefano Andreoni

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