[NetEpic ML] Re: Revision Issue: Titans

From: Daniel Nielsen <u992541_at_...>
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 15:29:51 +0100

I must say that I agree with Tzeentch.

1st shield: 3+
2nd shield: 4+

But I feel that it should vary from titan to titan.
eg. a Warlord has a lot more power to draw from than a warhound... how I
dont know... But it was a thought.

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Tzeentch wrote:
> I brought this up with Peter last night but here goes:
> At the end of the turn Titans with VSGs may attempt to raise them again.
> Obviously this takes time and a lot of energy from the plasma furnace.
> To represent this the first void shield ill be restored on a 3+. If that
> attempt is successful then another shield may be raised, but only succeeds
> on a 4+. If still successful then the third attempt is 5+ and the fourth is
> at 6+. You can't raise more then 4 shields at the end of a turn.
> This should be an "in-between" compromise that hopefully won't turn titans
> into firepower sponges.
> Ken
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> Subject: [NetEpic ML] Revision Issue: Titans
> Hi!
> While I wait for more feedback on the vehicles issue lets settle the changes
> for titans.
> These " changes" are only a few:
> 1. Void shield repair is on a 3+ as well as repair
> 2. The reactor on the warlord should be a 1+
> No other changes.
> These seemed to be generally accepted, so I'd like to hear opnions pro and
> cons.
> Peter
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