[NetEpic ML] Re: Revision Issue: Titans

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2000 03:00:15 -0800

My vote:

Yes, to all the top three questions.

Warprat ;)

Peter Ramos wrote:
> Hi!
> My, my all the traffic today.
> The general slant is towards something simple and one target number.
> So to move things along please vote on the three points below, Yes or
> No.
> 1) Move the Warlord Reactor to the back, no front shot possible.
> 2) Increase repair rolls on Imperial Titans to 4+.
> 3) Increase repair rolls on Eldar Titans to 3+
> Note dont worry about the costs, ALL hulls and weapons will be
> re-evaluated and redone on this list to account for rules changes.
> Clarifications:
> 1. Shields or any type are affected only by weapons with a save
> modifier of -1 or more, this has not changed
> 2. Holofields, I strongly suggest to extend their protection to
> barrages sinse otherwise they are not worth it. Let us use the
> modified AT modifiers to hit as per orders: first fire orders, no
> modifier top hit, advance -2 to hit and charge -4 to hit. Straight and
> easy. Points costs will change to reflect this
> 3. there is no easy way tp get around the scattering off the template
> and missing phenomenon, so just leave it alone, its far easier to let
> individual groups handle it on their own.
> 4. Weapons like vortex and warp missile MUST be changed since they are
> too powerful.
> Please decide if the above threee points are "fair" generalizations
> for the moment and individual titans types and their shortcomings will
> be addressed when we do titans which will be the FIRST thing we do due
> top the obvious demand.
> Peter
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