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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 01:11:47 -0500

I was just putting my 2 cents in bout the others when they were talking bout Titans. I agree bout 1 and 3 but 2 is very very harsh. -4 is unbeliveable and now you are talking bout giving Kinghts 3 saves? No way they already have 2 and one is fixed. At that rate take my Slann army off my hands I'm playing Tec-Guard for now on. Take Paladins, at what? 250-300 pts, and you may have all the Titans you want I win LOL +8 to assult when they charge.

I feel there is not too much wrong with Netepic. Armies are balanced fairly well and it some what comes down to tactics. Some tiny thing need be changed like Warlords reactors, and a few other models, Capitol Imperialis (way way under point value). But this over run for Tanks, I dont see it and never felt it was fair the death roller could do it ethier. Anybody see saving PVT Ryen 7 men took out two heavy tanks and two light tanks by close assult. A tank was designed for support rolls, go across field in low gear let troops walk/run in front, and fire big gun. Not go across, field fire big gun, OK you close enough try to run him over. For you are taking away from the game by doing this. Most tanks move at 40cm on charge, infantry at best move 30cm who is going to win in charge, tank he moves farther. And if you tell me 50 of my finest troops can't tak out 10 of you regular Tanks I have to just say America is in some real trouble. For if a small wolrd power gethe money to buy tanks we better learn to speak their native langue.

Just my 2 cents
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  Thats correct.


I agree with you on the Eldar Holofield issue. But the only issues we
are voting on at the moment are the top three.

The bottom four issues (Clarifications) will be discussed, at lenght I'm
sure, later.

Am I correct in saying this, Peter?

Warprat ;)




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