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Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2000 21:44:54 +0100

Isnt there a IG battery with Warp Missiles? Deathstrike or something? My
friend, Nils, who
plays IG says that these missiles don't have to be fired directly, but arch
around and hit
a titan in the back. They can be shot down by AA on FF orders at -2. Is this


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Hi Tzeentch!

Some comments, on your comments.

>Maybe ECM technology in the WH40K universe is very very very good. When
>was the last time you noticed ANY rules for ECM/ECCM? If you really >want
to handwave matters then blame it on the Titan pumping out massive >levels
of countermeasures..

Electronic Counter Measures? Yes, I suppose the Eldar Holo Field is the
best example of that. I'm sure that Imperial Titans also use them at a
lower level of technology. Orks, maybe, a little. But, with the
exception of the Eldar, I think most technology has a low tech theme.
The humans seem almost Russian in nature. Durable, dependable, low tech
equipment where possible, augmented by some pretty high tech stuff.

>>Now, as vehicles get smaller, the chance to miss gets higher. Smaller
>>vehicles have less armor, they rely more on thier speed and small
>>profile to avoid getting hit in the first place. The same principle
>>holds true for any other unit in the game.
>Nope, the smaller you are the more chance you do have of hitting >something
important. After all, how can you logically explain that a >volcano cannon
has LESS chance of critically damaging a Reaver then a >Warhound? Or a tank
for that matter (assuming it could survive >somehow)? Especially when the
weapon can make CRATERS fercryinoutloud.
Well, acually, a smaller profile is often used for greater defensive
purposes (But, NOT in Epic Scale). And although, with the exception of
Scout Titans, Epic does not reflect a speed defence, this IS a very REAL
form of defence. In real life, and in "other" game sysems, size DOES
matter. Smaller and faster means less chance to hit. But the tradeoff
is always there. Small and fast means less space for armor and weapons.
This is a very, very, basic military principle.

Yes, of course, ANY THING hit by a Volcano Cannon is going to be hurt,
even if it is not serious enough to be reflected by the destuction of
the unit hit. The Scatter Template is used to represent some defensive
movement, and yes, ECM. The Saving Throw is used to represent Armor.


>I liked the idea of making them Special Cards but keeping the point >costs
and the like.
>But really, against orks they are about the only balancing weapon to
>stupidly powerful gutbuster ball. I've lost more titans to that damned
>thing then I care to admit. You're SOL if that thing hits you.
>In the old days the ball round was said to travel too slowly to knock
>shields down. So at least if you got hit you still had your shields
>(assuming it did not blow out your legs). Of course, back then it just
>exploded - not blew legs out. And it did not scatter...
                        Gut Buster Vortex Missile
 Cost: 100 150
 Firing Rate: 1/2 1 use only
 Range: 100cm Unlimited
 Chance to hit: 1/3 (scatter) 1/3 (scatter)
 Dammage: 1 hit 1d6 hits (3 average)
 Shield damage: Shields reduced to O Shields reduced to 0
 Hit location: Leg Gut Buster, then
                                                both Magazines
 Chance of
 destroying enemy Falling Ave of 5 fires (1+2+2)
 Titan or Gargant: 1/6 = 17% 0 +1/3 +2/3 = 100%

Yes, Vortex missiles have a HUGE advantage over Gut Busters! Glad you
agree they should be Special Cards. But I'm really not, that hot, on
making Warp Missiles into a Special Card. With the relocation of the
Warlords reactor to the back (Hats off to you, for thinking of it!) I
don't think the Warp Missile is as great as a Game Killer as it used to
be (Assuming the votes are there to approve the changes).

The Gut Buster IS powerfull. But, when compared against the Human and
Eldar Weapons, it's not overly powerfull, in my opinion. I could post
some more comparisons, if you like?

Good posts everybody!

Warprat ;)

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