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My, my all the traffic today.
The general slant is towards something simple and one target number. So to
move things along please vote on the three points below, Yes or No.
1) Move the Warlord Reactor to the back, no front shot possible.
JS: This should make the warlord a bit more "lord" than it is now.

2) Increase repair rolls on Imperial Titans to 4+.
Sounds good.

3) Increase repair rolls on Eldar Titans to 3+
Fair enough, Eldar are high tech and they can actually generate matter
(wraithbone) to repair their titans. However, I don NOT want to see the
Slann having repair rolls of 2+ even though they are "UltraTech(TM)".
Note dont worry about the costs, ALL hulls and weapons will be re-evaluated
and redone on this list to account for rules changes.
1. Shields or any type are affected only by weapons with a save modifier of
-1 or more, this has not changed
2. Holofields, I strongly suggest to extend their protection to barrages
sinse otherwise they are not worth it. Let us use the modified AT modifiers
to hit as per orders: first fire orders, no modifier top hit, advance -2 to
hit and charge -4 to hit. Straight and easy. Points costs will change to
reflect this
3. there is no easy way tp get around the scattering off the template and
missing phenomenon, so just leave it alone, its far easier to let individual
groups handle it on their own.
4. Weapons like vortex and warp missile MUST be changed since they are too
If you hit with them that is... oh well, I guess that is not the problem of
majority here. I wish I could see my personal unit roster; I must have a
skill called "unluck" in addition to the one called "sore loser" since all
my troops seem to have caught the dreaded stromtrooper to-hit syndrome.
Please decide if the above threee points are "fair" generalizations for the
moment and individual titans types and their shortcomings will be addressed
when we do titans which will be the FIRST thing we do due top the obvious
Jyrki Saari


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