[NetEpic ML] Re: Revision Core rules

From: Weasel Fierce <septimus__at_...>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 15:36:39 GMT

>Issue #1
>turn sequence with the apparent acceptance of tghe simpler intergrated
>flyer rules the sequence is as follows:
>Order phase
>Movement phase
>Combat phase
>End phase


>Issue #2
>Super heavy vehicle damage table, basically it adds resilency to them,
>there are more elaborate table but I propose the simple one to be adopted
>as mainstream since thats what most use any way:
>When the super heavy fails a save roll d6
>1- no effect
>2-3 -1 to hit, half the CAF, can be repaired by techies, another result
>like this means destruction
>4-6 super heavy destroyed.
>This applies to knights as well

Keep current rules

>Issue #3
>Pinning, has the following categories as shown by list opnions
>1. Infantry cavalry (includes bikes and dreadnoughts)
>2. vehicles (most tanks)
>3. Knights super heavies
>4. Titans praetorians
>Skimmers are now included in their respective category above. They may
>leave in their next move as always but are considered pinned if they choose
>to stay and thus can NOT be fired from out side shooters.

Hmmm, seems okay.

Anyway, how does super heavies deal with titans in CC?
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