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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2000 16:03:21 -0600


last saturday we played a new heresy game; this time we used eldars and
chaos, so for the first time we used the magic system and also the wargears
and extensive air support.
These are my considerations:

1) magic system:
a) spell selection: there are 15 spell cards for each race, but in reality
only five different spells, this allow that a random selection could,
probably, produce a multiple same spell pick up, it is correct?

You can pick up multiples of the same spell and depending on the mastery
level you could cast teh same spell more than once. Example: If you have a
psyker with a mastery level of 2 and have the same spell twice since you
drew it twice. This means you can cast the spell two times since you have
two cardss of the same type. Otherwise you can cast the spell once.

b) chaos spell: between the 15 spell cards avaibles, 9 belongs to the four
deities (three for each) and the rest are neutrals. In our game we had
magnus a lv. 4 sorcerer and he had to random choose its spells, but we
agreed to gave it only the tzeentch ones and one of the 6 neutrals, it is

My mistake. For sorcerors bound to a specific demon power select cards ONLY
from those powers, so a tzeentch sorceror of mastery level 3 gets all three
Tzeentch cards. In case of a 4 level caster the additional spell is drawn
randomly from the generic powers.

c) spells duration: how many turn a spell remain in play?
    - only for the turn
    - more
   i.e. psichic lock.

As far as i can see from the powers made they all last one turn, if they
aren't instantaneous like a shooting power.

d) is line of sight is mandatory to cast a spell?
  i.e. purge psiker


e) opportunity fire: can I use spells for opportunity fire?
  i.e. psichic lock

Yes, once the requisite morale check is made.

consideration: I don't like that every psicker have a fixed ammount of psi
points every turn, I would like to roll the magic points avaibles each turn
rolling two d10 and give the total avaible to each players, otherwise magic
could be too letal with so many points; for example my eldar opponent used
psichic lock every turn and a single warlock (lv 2)immobilized 6 stands
every turn, immagine how chaos could survive this!

True. As Ken told you we had some differences on this. Tell you what why not
have a starting amount of psi-points as stated in the rules, BUT the psyker
regains ONLY 1 point per mastery level (as Ken suggested), this makes using
powers in a wise manner critical and makes psi-rods and such very useful.

Wargears: one wargear for every 500 points spent is too, one every 1000
could be better.

Actually you are correct, origianlly it WAS 1 wargear per 1000 points, but
was changed when I changed the points cost initially, I then changed them
again but never changed it back. This will be included in the first errata
along with the rest.

We test (damm eldar) way stones and this only wargear, save of 5+, was
decisive, if in a 2500 points game we have 5 wargears we could have too many
super men.

This power is badly worded. The waystone only applies to ONE unit of
infantry ONLY and may heal any or its models as described, but its a VERY
local effect.

Cost formula: I don't understand how the points formula work; I used magnus
and mortarion, they both cost 400 points, but mortarion has an armor value
of 8 while magnus has 9, magnus has a very good weapon, contrary mortarion
has lower range weapon and little effective, magnus is a lv.4 SORCERER,
mortarion not, how it is possible? Also, magnus gives a -2 accuracy
penalities to every shoot against its minions, contrary the +1 armor bonus
that mortarion gives is unconfrontable.

Too true, it costed similar because of the primarchs ability to give their
marines powers, which is very effective and thus costly. Now I can easily
elevate the cost of Magnus, but how do the other primarchs compare?

Air phase:
1)damage in dog fight: I don't undestrand where damaged fighters go:
a) stay there (where a dog fight has been fought) as any other non damaged
flyer, but next turn, because damage stay in effect for a whole turn, can't
move, but can be intercepted;
b) must be removed from play and will retun two turns later from your board
d) else

Damaged fighters abort and leave the tabletop and return later from their
own table edge.

Interceptation skill: the rule state that if I want to intercept I have to
check my morale, modified by the interceptation value skill. This sound
good, but, also reading the rules I see that flyers are considered in
command and receive automatically the leadership bonus, this make the
interceptation check most of the time automatic and the skill irrilevant,
only poor leadership race could be effected, but for the most this is
Immagine a doomwing fighter: it has morale of 8, interception of 3 and
normally it receives a leadeship bonus of +2/+3; this makes the
interceptation skill irrilevant. Do you think that the only modifier used
should be the interceptation skill for this job?

Another thing to be corrected. Flyers are in command distance always but
receive NO bonus from their leader. ONLY the skill bonus applies.

enscort: I don't understand how this work; I have to "stack"(within
coherency range) the enscort with the bomber to allow this order, or I can
give this order to a far fighter, if this is allowed, how it works; both
will move during the bomber activation, or the far enscort move only in the
case that the bomber will be interceptes, else stays where it is?

When you give an escort order it means you can "protect" one detachment of
any type of unit that has ground attack or troop drop orders. While it is
protecting it and moving, consider BOTH detachments of flyers ONE unit for
the purposes of movement. When assaulted in a dogfight, use the standard
rules, BUT the ESCORTED flyers (the one on either ground attack or troop
drop orders) can only be nominated to receive casualties LAST.

So basically you "pair off" flyers on escort orders and flyers with ground
attack or troops drop orders and form ONE unit for movement. In following
turns they "regain" their indepenent unit status.

Thanks for all the input.

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