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Might seem rediculous!!! But I sure its a little more logical to have a big
ceremony to the Wraith Bone God and hope it will grow back in time to work
for the next round. For we dont even know how to fix it unless it grows
back. It is only Fiction and fluff to make some kind of stroy to base a
Special Charactor around so let it go.
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> >Zen and the art of Titan maintainance
> > is a big seller on forge worlds I understand...
> *lafs*
> However, I'd say that the priest can no longer (not that they would DARE
> to) seperate the 'pressing the on button' from the rituals. A bit like
> somewhere amongst the chanting and waving the incense, you stick the
> flour into the bowl, add eggs etc etc. Is it the pray to the Great Oven
> or the baking powder that makes the cake rise? You don't know, and
> you're as unlikely to remove the prayer from the ceremony (and incur the
> Great Cook's wrath) as you are to omit the flour.
> I'm sure the Eldar would find the Mon-ki behaviour VERY amusing...
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