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Worded like this: All in a unit must firing to take a sheild down only
2/3rds need to hit to do this, if they fail to get enough hits no sheild is
removed. If a unit with a -1 TSM is firing to take down a sheild only 1/2
need to hit rounding down. If a unit with -2 TSM is firing then on 1/3 need
to hit rounding down. If -3 only one model needs to hit.
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> > One problem: what if the shield gets hit by a variety of weapons; 2
> > bolters
> > and 4 lascannons?
> IMHO it's best just to keep it as needing a -1 save mod to take down
> shields. They're there to help prevent damage from superweapons. If we
> had 2 bolters = 1 heavy, then a swarm of infantry would be used to strip
> shields, then a war engine would pick off the titan with some big
> weapon. Not very fair really.
> Just imagine it as a swarm of bullets, each hitting the shield at
> different times and places. They individually lack enough punch to down
> the shield. Sure, they might in total equal a single heavy, but heavies
> hit one narrow area with alot of force.
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