[NetEpic ML] Revision: Deathstrike Missiles

From: Tzeentch <tzeentch666_at_...>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 16:56:34 -0800

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>

> Tzeentch has a good idea here.
> Maybe we could rename the Deathstrike "Warp Missile" to something not so
> easily mixed up with the titan version. Maybe "Void Missile," or a name
> which incorporates the word "Cruise". Perhaps the obvious, yet long,
> "Deathstike Cruise Missile".

Sounds good to me.

> Also, it would be less confusing if the rules for the Deathstike cruise
> missile did not refer to another weapon's rule section.

Well it would not be so bad if the rules had much of anything to do with
each other ;)

> It still sounds like there is confusion on Deathstrike missile controll
> and movement. Is this just a rules clarification and revision for
> Peter, or a topic for further discussion? Peter?

Well we can do the rules two ways:
1) Dumb Drone - must remain in LOS of its controlling vehicle or detachment.
Must fly in straight lines. Perhaps can make one 90 degree turn at start OR
end of move.
2) Smart Drone - can fly and direct itself just like any other vehicle. Give
it a movement rate and turns of endurarance.

What would I change?? Glad you asked!
1) Get rid of random move - talk about gay!
  a. Missile gets a min and max movement rate, or hell, just say it becomes
a flyer.
  b. Turns of endurance - the missile can't fly around forever. Even if it
moves minimum (assumed to be doing evasive manuevers) it can only fly for X
turns. Off hand I'd say 3 turns max and it crashes at the end of the 3rd
2) Possibly DITCH the warp missile. Why the hell do Imperial Guard weenies
get one of the rarest weapons (per fluff) in the entire Imperium? I'd
replace it with a FASCAM version (minefield layer) or a SADAR warhead (12cm
template, all vehicles under template attacked at 4+, -1 TSM).

> Hey kids, how about a contest, for the best name. My entry, "Warprat
> Missile"! Hey, now were on to something..... ;)

If we keep it, how about "skipjack" to refer to it moving in and out of the

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