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From: Karlsen Rune <Rune.Karlsen_at_...>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 09:31:43 +0100

Well, considering a Slann titan costs a minimum of 2000 points, i think
a warlock to immobilize it is a very cheap solution. Besides, you could
place the
warlock behind lots of inf. stands which all would have to be eliminated
before you
could take out the warlock. If the warlock has maximum range (75cms), you'd
have to
eliminate ALL the other closer inf. before you take out the warlock. You
have to remember
that the Slann don't really have any barrage, except for 2-3 titan weapons
and the
mantis missiles, which don't kill. An army with alot of Psychers could
easily immobilize
the Slann Titan, and once it is immobilized, thats half the army points
of a 4000 point battle right there...Is that fair?

Ok, the warlock pins on a 4+, thats a 50% chance. With 2 warlocks trying,
that's 100%
riht there. Exploiting army weaknesses is a good tactic, but when some
clearly unbalance the game, the general concensus are to change them. That's
this group is all about, right? That's why we're changing Titan regen rolls,
moving reactors and all that...Please tell me if im wrong, i'd hate to have
misunderstood the purpose of this group ;)


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Karlsen Rune wrote:
> How hard is it to get LOS on a titan from 75cms range? He could easily
> 5 cms behind
> som other inf. , so that he cant be shot at (HQ unit) and happily fire
> with his thrice damned
> little head.

Well you must waste a unit to cover the warlock, you must take the
warlock (safe) under 75 com from the titan, you must roll to pin the
titan, hope that some barrages never sweep out one of your *few* command
unit, and all just to pin a titan (let it never move/fire) one turn
'couse each following turn you must remain stationary and do nothing in
the middle of the field...mmmh ... I have some better uses form my
precious units.
Any Eldar general knows that he must be a strategist and any unit must
have a precise important task, I've seen really few time an Eldar Army
win by force, more frequent an Eldar victory it's reached at the very
end of the game when the strategy plan it's complete, a warlock use like
the above could only be a "sacrifice" to achieve the final plan, not a
tipical behaviour.
All the above obviously IMHO.


Lorenzo Canapicchi
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