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From: Darius \ <darius.spano_at_...>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 06:30:06 -0500

The Slann Magus has the most psychic powers of all the races. It has 4
psychic powers. 2 of which are extremely deadly the other 2 super as
anti-psyker defense or plain defense. In addition it can also guide other
mechs through warp jumping, which is a gift. It also can come in three types
of mechs which is fine but remember when it warp jumps noone can return fire
on it until Advance Fire so it can use 2 psychic powers (warp jump guide for
other mechs + normal psychic power) and depending on its mech unload a
helluva a lot of firepower. And a mere 300 points for the best mech
body/magus and is stronger than any Chaos demon = cheese. Don't get me wrong
I am building a Slann army myself but I don't want to win a game because of
a special unit rather by strategy & tactics. Special unit wins are more like
WHFB or 40k where special characters play a big role. So think about the
Slann Magus. Hellreich, I know we have playtested the Slann but I still
think it is a cheap unit.
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