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From: Karlsen Rune <Rune.Karlsen_at_...>
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 13:38:16 +0100

Well, every game has to be based on rules set down by logic, else we
could all just play "Tommyball". I won't get into a discussion about
life in general, as i'd surely depress you all with my pessimistic
views :)

Besides, you shouldn't talk to loudly about logic, you have a
tendency to let your feelings take presedence. We've
discussed several things with crushing logical arguments, but
still you've refused to budge. That's why you play Squats!
You love beer, you're stubborn, and you aren't even that tall!


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Well, logic is not the biggest issue here, its keeping the game
ballanced. In real life, logic takes presedence, therefore is USA the
most powerfull nation and can do almost whatever they want. But then,
Real Life is a pretty unballanced game and not all that funny, is'nt it?


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> If you'd read my post thoroughly, you'd see that i want ALL psychers
> have psy saves, not just the Slann. I'm looking for consitency here,
> not powertripping...
> Rune
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> Karlsen Rune wrote:
> >
> > Hmm...good points on the Warp hole. I hadn't considered that.
> > I'd rule that it doesn't affect a shielded unit, merely takes
> > down a shield or something.
> yeah something, except for the warlock Eldar *Titans* don't have *any*
> shield at all ...and with a piece like this you are whining 'couse of
> Eldar Warlock ability to pin slann titans????????
> let's be serious.
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