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Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 07:44:04 -0500

So dose the Eldar, there range is 75cm also
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> The SM Librarian has a range of 25cm with its mind blast. I have seen it
> take out a plague tower by one unexpecting chaos player. Unfortunately the
> brave librairan got crush by the other plague tower it tried the ame trick
> on. Slann mages have a 75cm range with some of its psychic attacks. In my
> opinion too far for a -4 save mod and a +3 to hit, thats a quake cannon .
> They also have a Warp hole power that can engulf a target and destroy it.
> little too powerful if it can engulf a Capitol Imperialis or a
> titan/praetorian unit and destroy it. There should be a size limitation to
> the warp hole, ie;gutbuster ball template or vehicle sized unit. These
> psychic attacks make the Slann mage one of the cheesiest unit in Net Epic.
> They need to be defined more and range brought into check. I thought Slann
> mages had 3+ psychic save. They should have a value around that.
> Darius
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