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Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 08:22:47 -0500

we are in the porcess of fixing some of the Slann uints as far as the
Psychic save I don't see it coming. The mage have a fixed save if it uses
one of its powers. Again for the titan it take ungodly amounts of mind
control for the mage to run this, so nosave. There are tatics out there for
you to save your Titan, like the one I said before or keep your Mage by the
Titan and stop the enemy power with your mage's power this is why there is
no save. As for the points that Darius is saying yes it seems cheap but I as
some are finding out all the Sann's powers are phsycal and not psyhic
attacks so they don't penatate sheilds, and he cost 3 times the amount. So
when playing them keep in mind some of the other much more powerful units
when you comaper them the Mage is really an over priced Weird Boy, gathering
his power from the warp each turn, like a weird boy gathers from orks, and
bending it to his will. Hop this helps explains what the Slann mage is, and
that you use and find some tatics to keep him and your Titan alive.
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> Well, this is another discussion. I originally only wondered why the Magus
> didn't seem to have a psy save. If it is as you say, and it has 3+, then
> that's fine, i'd just like to see it in print :)
> Whether it is too cheap, is something which will have to be tested, which
> i am looking immensly forward to. I've ordered lots of Slann/Necron units
> over the net, and have spent close to 500USD so far, and i still havn't
> got any APC's or AA :)
> Rune
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> The Slann Magus has the most psychic powers of all the races. It has 4
> psychic powers. 2 of which are extremely deadly the other 2 super as
> anti-psyker defense or plain defense. In addition it can also guide other
> mechs through warp jumping, which is a gift. It also can come in three
> of mechs which is fine but remember when it warp jumps noone can return
> on it until Advance Fire so it can use 2 psychic powers (warp jump guide
> other mechs + normal psychic power) and depending on its mech unload a
> helluva a lot of firepower. And a mere 300 points for the best mech
> body/magus and is stronger than any Chaos demon = cheese. Don't get me
> I am building a Slann army myself but I don't want to win a game because
> a special unit rather by strategy & tactics. Special unit wins are more
> WHFB or 40k where special characters play a big role. So think about the
> Slann Magus. Hellreich, I know we have playtested the Slann but I still
> think it is a cheap unit.
> Darius
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