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Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2000 08:10:51 -0500

But still wont have the abillity to take out a Titan like the rest. SO LETS
MAKE THEM ALL THE SAME, all 300pts too.
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> Using its mind to to bend the warp is psychic. He cost 225-300 points
> because he is in a powerful unit. Eldar warlocks have a falcon grav-tank
> a transport and have less powers and must get in close to destroy their
> targets. They don't even get a saving roll so they can be killed with
> ordinary bolter fire. You can't compare the two. They are psykers but one
> has greater powers and is suited up in a mech so is going to cost a lot
> more. Take the Slann magus out of the mech and give him a transport and he
> will be worth about 100-125 points like other psykers of other races.
> Darius
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