[NetEpic ML] Re: New to list,a few questions/ideas

From: Warprat <warprat_at_...>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 18:49:15 -0800

Hi Travis!

You've asked some very good questions. I think Peter is the rules
expert, and questions 1 and 5 would be best answered by him, or one of
the other "Old Guard".

Question 2: I recently got a copy of Titan Legions, and also admired
the titan/knight crew experience. There is some discussion, in the
group that I play with, to use experience. Personally, as long as you
can't buy it, I think it's great. NetEpic has no rules for this, at the

Question 3: I have no experience with them. But I am slightly negative
towards the idea.

Question 4: Maybe some of the "Old Timers" can help you out here?

Question 6: I like the idea of another Close Combat weapon for Eldar
titans, but I don't think increasing thier CAF is the best way to do
this. I think that a high CAF, combined with thier high rate of
unrestricted movement, would be too powerfull. I think the Neural Lash
is more in keeping with Eldar ways, but perhaps too powerfull as well.
I see no reason why Eldar titans couldn't use the same lance carried by
an Eldar knight, however. On a titan, it would be quite powerfull, when
combined with the titans normal CAF, speed, agility, and toughness.

Good Post!

Warprat ;)

Travis Smart wrote:
> Hello. I am new to this list. I have played Titan Legions quite a bit,though
> admittedly it has been a while. Tried E40K,didnt like it.I am now into
> NetEpic,and I have to say I love it. I have a few questions that I need
> clarified though,and was hoping this list could help me.
> 1) Is it legal to use an eldar Warlocks "eldritch storm" psychic ability on
> a unit in close combat? for instance,eldar jetbikes are charged by rough
> riders,and the warlock casts Eldritch storm,with the template touching
> several rough riders,but none of the Jetbikes.Technically it cannot do
> damage,and does not threaten the bikes at all as they are not within the
> template.On the other hand,it might be considered shooting into close
> combat.
> 2) Are there any rules for titan/knight crew experience ? I loved that
> aspect in the old TL rules.
> 3) Has anyone here used the old Titan mission cards in Netepic? If so,did it
> balance out,or was it overpowering?
> 4)Are there any rules out now,or in developement,for missions similiar to
> the ones in 40K V3? The group I play with have been considering trying to
> adapt some rules from V3 for just such a purpose.
> 5) from what point do you measure range and LOS,the closest outside edge of
> the base,or the model itself?
> 6) Has anyone considered a few new Close combat weapons for the eldar
> titans?Chaos and Imperial have a plethora of weapons to choose from,but the
> eldar have just the Power fist with shuricats built into it. I have a few
> ideas ,thought I would run them by you all....
> A) Power Glaive- As Power fist,but adds +3 to CAF if you choose not to use
> the grab attack,and remove the shuricats.
> B) Power Lance:Add +3 in combat,doubled to +6 if the titan charges into
> combat that turn.(the +6 is for the turn it charged only,if combat continues
> next turn it gets only the normal +3.)
> C)Neural Lash: Usable only by a warlock titan.Is used just before combat
> ensues.Warlock titan rolls a D6,on a 4+ a single enemy of the Warlocks
> choice that it is in Close comabt with has its CAF halved that round.Void
> shield/power fields do not give saves as it is assumed this occurs 'corps a
> corps', actually inside the shields.
> note that I included no points costs; I would appreciate suggestions for
> those,and indeed any suggestions for the above mentioned weapon ideas.
> Suggestions welcomed....
> Trav
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