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> Hi Travis!

> Question 6: I like the idea of another Close Combat weapon for Eldar
> titans, but I don't think increasing thier CAF is the best way to do
> this. I think that a high CAF, combined with thier high rate of
> unrestricted movement, would be too powerfull. I think the Neural Lash
> is more in keeping with Eldar ways, but perhaps too powerfull as well.
> I see no reason why Eldar titans couldn't use the same lance carried by
> an Eldar knight, however. On a titan, it would be quite powerfull, when
> combined with the titans normal CAF, speed, agility, and toughness.
> Good Post!
> Warprat ;)

Alright,hows this:

First,the most obvious: The Eldar Knight Lance.Its simplest,as it already

Here are some of my own... hopefully balanced.

Neural Lash: On a roll of 5+ (4+ for Warlock titans),one opponent in Close
Combat with this titan reduces their CAF by D6.

Eldritch Lance:If the titan bearing this weapon charged that turn,and won
the close combat,-1 save/+1 damage result for each 5cm the titan moved to
get into close combat.Usable only on Vehicle class or larger (infantry/cav
are just too small).

Sonic blade: Using technology similiar to that in a tremor cannon,the titan
weilds an invisible "blade" of highly concentrated sonic energy. Treat as
the imperial "laser burner" weapon.(Maybe i have seen "Dune" too many
times... : )

Close combat head: The head of the titan has been enhanced; Some incorporate
Howling Banshee style shriekers that pummel the enemy with psycho-sonic
assaults,others have batteries of Striking scorpion style needlers (save
much larger,of course),some breathe fire ,while others have runes that
confuse or blind their opponents.The result is the same: the Titan may
reroll *one* of its two dice in close combat. (Alternately,you could make
your opponent reroll one die. one or the other.) the second result must be
kept,even if it is worse (or better) then the orignal roll. If the titan
rolls no dice in combat (if immobilised,for example) this has no effect.The
close combat head lowers the armour of the head location by 1.

Vectored thrusters: revenant titans only. revenant titans with the vectored
thrust modification are never pinned in close combat,even by other
titans.Like harlequins with their flip belts,revenants with vectored
thrusters may leap out of combat and carry on.

Shield of Vaul: The titan carries a shield.Any hits in close combat Against
titans/praetorians may be parried on a roll of 5+;If parried,the hit has no
effect whatsoever.

Monowire whip: Like a massive version of the deadly harlequins kiss,the
Monowire whip uses a very strong,infiniesimaly thin wire that cuts through
virtually anyhting with devastating effect.A titan with this weapon rolls an
extra D6 in CC,and ,if it wins combat,adds D6 to the damage roll.If the
Eldar titan rolls double ones,It misses its opponent (even if it would
normally have hit!) ,and the effect is applied to itself, *in addition to
whatever damage its opponent may do*

Im not saying all of these should be used,Im just offering these up as
possibilities.No points cost yet either,as that would prolly need some
discussion and playtesting.

I particularly like the idea of an eldar titan striding forth to do
battle,armed with a sonic blade,Shield of Vaul,and Close combat head : )
comments welcome as always.

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