[NetEpic ML] Re: Range question was New to list,a few questions/ideas

From: Lorenzo Canapicchi <canapi_at_...>
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 11:26:58 +0100

Travis Smart wrote:
> > position of the center, so use common sense it's the right answer.
> The question here is twofold,really. For one,when you measure distance when
> dealing with unit coherency,is it middle of the base,or closest edge of the
> base,or closest point of the model? It makes a difference,since if it is the
> center of the base you will be forced to pack in closer,thus making yourself
> more vulnerable to barrages.For titans and such firing,I can understand
> measuring from the weapon (its what my group normally does),but is this the
> way the rules require normally?

This was the reason for the "common sense" way, there is no rule written
in stone anyway, in TL if I'm not wrong was "from weapon" but weapon
edge or weapon link to the body? your opponent could bild some "ad hoc"
miniature, use common sense, if the miniature shape it's unfair use
another method, anyway such an opponent can play just one time with me
:o), anyway one of my best friend was such a lawquoter player he
measured every single mm and wasted time questioning about miniature
center or other things like this, his turn last about 3 times one of my
turn and so on.
Now he's changed and agree that thinking only to this game like a game
and not question of life and death it's more amusing.
My suggestion is try to discourage such behavior in your opponent, let
him understand the real feeling of this game, avoiding waste of time in
such stupid things, using time to plan a better strategy.
> This also goes into ranges for weapons.If a weapon (or psychic ability)
> measuers from the center of model/base the range is reduced... significanly
> reduced for titans.but if your titan is posed right,with its arm out for
> instance,you can actually add a few centimeters to your range if you measure
> from the weapon.
> thanks again.....

see above
> I Personally go for the base as being the area where the titan is... it is
> assumed that the models in the game are exaggerated in size so the your
> infantry are actually taller then the base they come on : ).The base,to me
> ,represents where they are... the general area,so to speak. Same with a
> titans base... it is walking down the road,blasting away,and its template
> denotes its stride,arms moving as it shoots,turning to improve its firing
> arc,etc.

We always use base area and we make fun of players that use this rule to
take advantages from his opponent, really stupid IMHO, maybe they don't
have better strategy to show.


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