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From: Peter Ramos <pramos2_at_...>
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 19:51:48 -0600


Hello. I am new to this list. I have played Titan Legions quite a bit,though
admittedly it has been a while. Tried E40K,didnt like it.I am now into
NetEpic,and I have to say I love it. I have a few questions that I need
clarified though,and was hoping this list could help me.
Welcome to the fold, hope you enjoy your stay.

1) Is it legal to use an eldar Warlocks "eldritch storm" psychic ability on
a unit in close combat? for instance,eldar jetbikes are charged by rough
riders,and the warlock casts Eldritch storm,with the template touching
several rough riders,but none of the Jetbikes.Technically it cannot do
damage,and does not threaten the bikes at all as they are not within the
template.On the other hand,it might be considered shooting into close
This is a good question, but fortunately one I have answered before. The answer is that it IS considered an attack regardless if it damages or not, therefore it may not be cast at friendly troops

2) Are there any rules for titan/knight crew experience ? I loved that
aspect in the old TL rules.
You can go to the Epicentre webpage and download Issues 2 and 3 of Incoming! e-zine there you will find an entire experience system for all troops and titans too, plus a lot more besides.
The url is: http://www.netepic.web.com/

3) Has anyone here used the old Titan mission cards in Netepic? If so,did it
balance out,or was it overpowering?
Overpowering, and thus was decided to be deleted from Netepic, if you need them I can scan and send them to you.

4)Are there any rules out now,or in developement,for missions similiar to
the ones in 40K V3? The group I play with have been considering trying to
adapt some rules from V3 for just such a purpose.
I entertained making a system for missions but currently it has been tabled as the net epic revision continues.

5) from what point do you measure range and LOS,the closest outside edge of
the base,or the model itself?
For uniformity, measure from center to center of model or from the closest base to closet base. Whatever you do be consistent.

6) Has anyone considered a few new Close combat weapons for the eldar
titans?Chaos and Imperial have a plethora of weapons to choose from,but the
eldar have just the Power fist with shuricats built into it. I have a few
ideas ,thought I would run them by you all....
Bring them on!

A) Power Glaive- As Power fist,but adds +3 to CAF if you choose not to use
the grab attack,and remove the shuricats.

B) Power Lance:Add +3 in combat,doubled to +6 if the titan charges into
combat that turn.(the +6 is for the turn it charged only,if combat continues
next turn it gets only the normal +3.)

C)Neural Lash: Usable only by a warlock titan.Is used just before combat
ensues.Warlock titan rolls a D6,on a 4+ a single enemy of the Warlocks
choice that it is in Close comabt with has its CAF halved that round.Void
shield/power fields do not give saves as it is assumed this occurs 'corps a
corps', actually inside the shields.

note that I included no points costs; I would appreciate suggestions for
those,and indeed any suggestions for the above mentioned weapon ideas.

Suggestions welcomed....
We will begin reviewing titans tomorrow, so soon we can contemplate on using these or not and giving them a points cost.

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