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> Hi Trav!
> First off, I think we need to think what the weapon will look like.
> Whatever power it's capable of can really be fitted to most any shape..
> What is available, right now, that can be used to represent new combat
> ability on the model? I think we have 3 ways to go:
> 1) Powerfist. If the Powerfist is used, it could represent a new type
> of Powerfist, or a glove/gauntlet that goes over the normal Powerfist.
> 2) Some other Eldar titan weapon, like the Pulsar, already in use. This
> could represent a lance, perhaps modifying the weapon some by adding a
> do-dad (technical term), or cutting the normal weapon, niether or both.
> 3) Some other weapon, not in the normal Eldar titan arsenal of normal
> weapons.

I agree that it must be possible to represent the weapon on the model. I do
not think we need to limit ourselves to gauntlets though,simply because a
few easy conversions can produce a variety of weapons that are justifiable
for use by the eldar

> How about these ideas

*snip ideas for gauntlet based weapons,all very cool*

These are very nice ideas,but limiting yourself to just gauntlets reduces
the variety,the artfulness, that is possible with the eldar models.

The ideas I laid out could be done with a minimum of conversion,most needing
a pin job and some putty and nothing more.
> >
The Eldar Knight Lance.Its simplest,as it already
> > exists.
> >

Simple enough to do,take a pulsar and mold/add a sharp tip to it. If you
dont want to use a valuable pulsar,make one out of a High elf lance or

> > Here are some of my own... hopefully balanced.
> >
> > Neural Lash: On a roll of 5+ (4+ for Warlock titans),one opponent in
> > Combat with this titan reduces their CAF by D6.
> >

Simple enough.One way is to take plastic sprue,heat,and stretch to form a
whip. another is to use sculpting putty,and a thin wire,form the putty
around the wire,form a whip out of it,and youre set.

> > Eldritch Lance:If the titan bearing this weapon charged that turn,and
> > the close combat,-1 save/+1 damage result for each 5cm the titan moved
> > get into close combat.Usable only on Vehicle class or larger
> > are just too small).
> >

See the suggestion for the Psilance.

> > Sonic blade: Using technology similiar to that in a tremor cannon,the
> > weilds an invisible "blade" of highly concentrated sonic energy. Treat
> > the imperial "laser burner" weapon.(Maybe i have seen "Dune" too many
> > times... : )
> >

I envisioned a tremor cannon with the pointy tip cut off for this piece. But
if you dont want to waste a tremor cannon, form a tuning fork from wire.

> > Close combat head: The head of the titan has been enhanced;


> > Vectored thrusters: revenant titans only. revenant titans with the
> > thrust modification are never pinned in close combat,even by other
> > titans.Like harlequins with their flip belts,revenants with vectored
> > thrusters may leap out of combat and carry on.
> >

Neither of these necessarily have to be molded onto the titan,as it can be
argued they are integral parts.

> > Shield of Vaul: The titan carries a shield.Any hits in close combat
> > titans/praetorians may be parried on a roll of 5+;If parried,the hit has
> > effect whatsoever.
> >

This is easy-take a powerfist (or similiar arm attachment),and add a large
shield. The High elf,dark elf,and wood elf armies have plenty to choose
from.Some might find these too small though; molding one out of plastic is
not that hard.

> > Monowire whip: Like a massive version of the deadly harlequins kiss,the
> > Monowire whip uses a very strong,infiniesimaly thin wire that cuts
This is simply a strong,thin wire.... indeed,it would be easy just to do the
housing unit (which is up to the makers imagination) and say the wire is
invisible .

The dark eldar and eldar heavy weapons have lots of conversion potential in
this area.Indeed,a freind of mine has expressed an interestin using a
D-cannon for a reaver jetbikes blaster,because of the similarity.

Just some ideas...I dont want anyone to think of the models as
straightjackets,but as platforms for creative conversions.

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