[NetEpic ML] imp. vehicles

From: Carsten Schuett <bonesucker69_at_...>
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 13:24:18 CET


I'm new to this list.

It always annoys me that armoured vehicles can easily be destroyed
by infantry equiped with Bolters, shotguns,etc.

In order to make them more resistant I invented a savingthrow based
resistance value.
This value can be determined by subtracting the basic save from 7.
example Leman Russ: save 3+/ resistance value 7-3=4
If a shot penetrates the armour you need to roll equal or higher
than the resitance value. Save modifiers are added to your roll.
example Devastator Marines firing at Leman Russ - penatrating armour
need at least a roll of 3 / 1(save mod.)+D6 >=4 / to destroy the
The more potent a weapon is in penetrating armour, the more it is capable of
destroying the target.

What do you think about that rule?
(sorry for any mistakes - I'm german)

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