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Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 09:33:35 +1100

At 01:24 PM 3/1/00 +0100, Carsten Shuett wrote:
>I'm new to this list.


>It always annoys me that armoured vehicles can easily be destroyed
>by infantry equiped with Bolters, shotguns,etc.

True. But the weapon listed under the stats is simply the MAIN weapon the
stand is armed with. Tactical troops still have Missile Lauchers,
Meltaguns, Plasma Guns and Krak Grenades (as Warprat stated). Its just a
helpful abstraction so's to avoid any unecessary detail.

>In order to make them more resistant I invented a savingthrow based
>resistance value.
>This value can be determined by subtracting the basic save from 7.
>example Leman Russ: save 3+/ resistance value 7-3=4
>If a shot penetrates the armour you need to roll equal or higher
>than the resitance value. Save modifiers are added to your roll.
>example Devastator Marines firing at Leman Russ - penatrating armour
>need at least a roll of 3 / 1(save mod.)+D6 >=4 / to destroy the

This is superfluous. Its a saving throw for a saving throw. Most of us
here on the list have discussed this topic at length and decided to keep
the system the way it is now. Sure its annoying when a Land Raider goes
down to a Tactical Infantry shot, but it happens. If this bugs you so
much, keep your idea as a house rule or simply designate what weapons are
considered to be "infantry" shots and then allow all armoured units a +1 on
their save against them.

For myself, I like the system just the way it is. Introducing more and
more dice rolling simply bogs the game down in useless mechanics. The
beauty of Epic is its simplicity. Lets keep it that way.

>The more potent a weapon is in penetrating armour, the more it is capable of
>destroying the target.

That's already reflected in Save Modifiers.

>What do you think about that rule?
>(sorry for any mistakes - I'm german)

Oh, I think we can forgive you.... ;-)


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