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Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 18:10:41 -0600


  3.Quake cannon-overpriced, by a lot, only one shot and the volcano is a lot better, I'd say its not worth more than 50 points
>disagree for you can take out a building with one shot, and -3 or -4 on 1D6 not much of a differance still going to much damage I say 100pts for if you check out the Knights with this gun they are at 130pts each and no one is crying bout that.
>rules are fine

  You are making a mistake, buildings save on 2d6's NOT one. Now I understand you're concerns! Saving on one d6 this save would be horrendous, but on 2d6 it is far less so!

  Theability to destroy buildings in my experience is a little used one since titans have better things to shoot at. While 50 may be too low, I definatley feel its 75 point weapon, never more than that.
> Well from the way we play most of the time you see Titans is when you face Imp Guards or Techs, for I'm not a big one to waste my special card on a Titan, rather have one cheap good stand and lots of cheap stands to flood flanks. From my point I could easly take your Titan sheilds down with imp heavies hidding in a building, from this point one shot from a Cursader Knight with this weapon and say bye bye to your Titan. Not to say the fact of the Titan blowing away all the biulding cover for your troops to hide in or behind. So now this weapon is very strong.

  Well try the porper 2d6 save and you'll see that buildings will be blown away far less so!

>Again one company of Imp Heavies and bye bye Titan, for this weapon adds +3 to damage, so most Titans will not be able to repair without even rolling the die.

  Well if LET your titan within range of a full company of Imperial heavies then...you get what you get. But this is the point, the weapon i valuable only with a "what if" its not a cetainty, such a weapon should never cost more than 100 points.

>yes but most enemys that a Titan is to face is not another Titan, it was made for taking on the Gargant. And is very effective at doing so, opponet rolling for flicker and most of the time only needing one shot to get trough, at -6 auto hit,100cm. this is why I would like to see it increased. But allow it to move not fire. Thinking bout all effected not just other Titans. Poor Orks LOL

  Orks ALWAYS get hosed that their charm! A flicker is a chance true, but you can say that of any weapon fired onto a gargant, i've seen it all in these many years of playing. I dont think I'll increase the price because of this ork disadvantage, they are compensated in other ways (cheap and numerous).

> well this is were points come into effect if you can't afford to buy it then it is no good to you, But all in all this is another Ork killing weapon for god Knows you can use every bit of artillary against them, and is very effective agianst them.

  <grin> what is this "protect the ork day" again, they got their own "perks" true its hell wading through barrages, but hats part of commanding orks!

> but don't forget to allow the arm pod to deploy troops on the ground also, with this ablity, maybe 225pts

  I wont.

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