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> Hi Kelvin!
> A really like what you have to say! I also agree that Peter has some
> very good ideas. As usual, of course!
> A couple of points to consider, however:
> (snip)
> These are some of the best Titan weapons of all IMHO. I LIKE the rules
> the way they stand. Sure you can't use any other weapons when you use
> the Destructor or Cannon and the Destructor stops you moving next turn.
> Who cares? Put it on a Fire Support Titan. Destructor, Fire Con tower,
> Chain Fist and Melta Gun are my favourites. It just stands up the back
> and shoots once per turn with the Destructor. If anyone gets too close,
> you haven't been shooting them enough. But just stay on First Fire and
> when they charge you, let loose with the Melta Cannon and then use the
> Chain Fist. Easy.
> If we make the Destructor and Cannon drop shields, no one will take
> them. I certainly won't. I like them as is.
> (snip)
> Nice setup, Kelvin, very nice. But I never take the Plasma Destructor,
> because of the no move, low CAF penalty. I seem to end up playing
> against the Dread Wolves (Space Wolves), a lot. Drop Pods are very,
> very common, along with Thunderhawks loaded with screaming Blood Claws
> and Wolf Priests. Any titan armed with the Plasma Destructor, would be
> swarmed by infantry. In a less mobile game, however, I think your titan
> would work great. But of course, every race has a form of fast
> transport.
> To me, loosing the shields, would be no big deal. They aren't usefull
> in close combat. But I can see how their loss would affect your
> stratagy. Perhaps, this weapon should not be adjusted.
> (snip)
> And as to the Deathstrike variants, I'd like to see some newer versions
> of them come up. The Warp Missiles are supposed to be almost as hard to
> produce as the Vortex Missiles. But the IG use them everyday? Yeah,
> right. Perhaps the IG should just get two versions: an Anti-Tank and an
> Anti-Personnel missile. Nothing fancy.
> (snip)
> I don't have access to any fluff material about Warp Missiles being rare
> like Vortex Missiles. The very fact that IG can use them, makes me
> think that the Warp Missile warhead should be common.
> Well in the old days a Imp death strike could take any of the Titan
missiles be it Vortex, warp,harpoon, Barrage, ect. Vortex and Warp missiles
being of a big rareity. But now you see the Warp missile every game you play
against Imp Guards or Tech Guards, seeing 2-3 in the later of the 2. And at
125pts even 150pts is not showing how rare these missiles are That is why
They should not change rules on either, but instead make them crazy high in
points to limit it to game size. Cost of the Reaver Hull would be a good
trade in points, when doing this also adjust the cost of the death strike.
Or better make these missiles a special card the company has to take for the
death strike to be able to use them.
> At the risk of being a annoying (When have I ever worried about that?),
> In my not so humble opinion, I think that Epic/NetEpic, really needs the
> Warp Missile. I will repeat my Warp Missile idea:
> Warp Missiles scatter twice, so hitting the head of a titan, is hardly
> quaranteed. Of course, when they do hit, the combined die roll is
> almost always going to max out. This is the real problem. The reason
> that Warp Missiles need to be adjusted.
> How about reducing the warhead? Roll 2d6, but only use the highest one.
> Vortex missiles, hit about 45% of the time. They destroy all shields.
> They do d6 hits, and your opponent gets to CHOOSE where to roll damage.
> This weapon needs to be a Special Card.
> Compare the Vortex missile, against the Warp missile. The Warp missile
> is a very wimpy cousin. Yes, it ignores shields. But something needs
> to be able to counter a fire platfom/titan armed with a Plasma
> Destructor, Fire Con tower, Chain Fist and Melta Gun! My modified Warp
> Missile, gives that chance, without guaranteeing a 6 result. And
> without guaranteeing a specific hit location. Can it kill, yes, but
> it's hardly guaranteed.
> don't compare the Vortex can miss but the Warp missile is auto hit, and
with this much more useful.
> Imperial Guard Deathstike missiles are very slow, and can be shot down.
> Again, a modified Warp warhead, should not be such a big problem. Let's
> use the flight restrictions used by Nils and his gang. Only up to 2, 45
> degree turns per turn, with a min. of 10cm between turns. This will
> prevent cheese.
> LOL you ever wast your shots trying to bring one of these down. If so Let
me introduce you to my Thunder Bolts LOL.
> I agree that the Deathstikes need to replace the Harpoon missile. I
> favor this combo. for Deathstrikes:
> 1) Warp Missile, with modified warhead, of course.
> 2) Barrage Missile.
> 3) Some kind of anti tank missile.
>HEHE the harpoon can be very useful if played right, just needs to be
tweeked with better TSM I say up it to -4. Just think of the fun you'll have
blasting away at all his troops. With his own model :-{) evil grin.
> Well, what does everyone else think?
> Warprat ;)
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